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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  November 3, 2012 6:00am-10:00am EDT

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edition, "hannity" 9:00 p.m. eastern. and back monday as well. four days to election day. thanks for being with us. the best election c c c c c c >> good morning, everyone. it's saturday, november 3rd, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson, thanks so much for sharing your time with us today on very important news day. smoking gun. after smoking gun, more secret cables unravel benghazi leading up to a terrorist attack that killed four americans. contingency plan shot down. more on the exclusive details ahead. >> meanwhile, gas lines for miles. people with no food. homes in the dark and cold. and in many cases destroyed. where and when will the help come? we are live on the ground in one of the most devastating areas of new york. something that this man knows something about. brian. >> brian: right. all three just three days before the election. the candidates are making
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closing arguments. county president continue to ignore the dismal economy or can he look at it, reverse it, and say it's going great? and will mitt romney swing the battleground states in his favor? full election coverage coming your way "fox & friends" special edition on the weekend starts right now. >> steve: welcome aboard, folks. the last we saw brian kilmeade was on the monday show. >> gretchen: tuesday. >> brian: i want full credit. >> gretchen: he was here and did his radio show. >> steve: we did the show five minutes before the conclusion of the program you got word from people in your neighborhood there could have been damage to your house. >> brian: right. the whole neighborhood is wiped out. so basically from if you know long island from south of merik road and north road damaged too. anyone you know there, their first floor has been wiped
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out. >> gretchen: so sorry. >> brian: just one of the many people. you can't go anywhere and diagonally from my house both houses exploded. these houses destroyed each other and almost destroyed the whole neighborhood. we're in the middle of that. took a few days off and now we're ready to go again. i will show you some pictures,s had, as much as stat ten island has been destroyed we're going to show it new jersey has been hammered and we have seen a lot of it. i personally don't know because i don't have power, like most of you haven't. i don't see much done on long island. flat out destroyed. these aren't people that ever got a drop of water in their basements before. these aren't beached communities that go wow you live on the community. wow you live on the water. no people live there 40 years and no liquid in their crawl space until this week. >> steve: exactly right. you have got pictures and you know better than anybody about fema and about the red cross. is he going to tell us about that at the bottom of the hour. in the meantime three days before we do the final voting, election day just three days away, the candidates are out
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in the battleground states. we're going to talk about that one thing that the obama campaign has not talked about, even though members of fox news team have tried to get him on the record, mr. president, what did you know about what happened in benghazi, libya on september the 11th, 2012? people aren't asking that. we're asking. we're not getting any answers. but today we have got another smoking gun because the white house before had said, you know, we didn't really have any real warnings of trouble there another smoking gun. more warnings. >> gretchen: apparently they even talked to suspending operations completely at the consulate. you know there were two locations in benghazi. hut consulate and then you had the cia operation house which people, i guess, didn't know was a cia operation house which is about a mile away. and they were talking and in the days leading up to this attack that maybe it was so unsafe for the ambassador to stay in this con schiewt that maybe they should just move all the operations over. this another piece of information come out in the last 24 hours. brian, each since you have
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been gotten, i don't even know where to start because there has been a series of other things happening where more and more warnings were sent to the state department and more and more questions, quite frankly. >> brian: what's unbelievable it stops at the white house. when all the questions come up and information broken a lot by catherine herridge and jennifer griffin they get broken and come forward in foreign policy magazine. you expect the white house take this and comment on it. it's delay of game. you get in denials an not say why these people have an agenda. you have pundits saying it's political agenda. for the lawmakers they don't. senator lindsey graham and senator john mccain who spent a lot of time investigating and this pushing this forward because of concern for our con shuts all across the world and as well as the lives of those four, pushed forward and say waited a second, we need the people who perpetrated this imcrew. the president said he is going to bring justice to them. we got one of them. they are in to your knowledge. we can't get access to them. he penned a letter signed by the. we need in there he had some
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success. >> steve: absolutely. senator graham, senator chambliss from the great state of georgia they got access to the guy. you would think that the white house would want to get access to the guy. nothing. here is lindsey graham. >> this duration is -- administration is trying to run out the clock when it comes to benghazi. this is a story that changes by the day. the president has been awol when this comes to benghazi, libya leadership. they have been denying and deceiving the public. the person i blame above all else is president barack obama. he has oversold the dismantling of al al qaeda. he spiked the ball when bin laden was killed. he let these poor people in libya go into a death trap and didn't do anything about it. >> gretchen: the interesting thing here though when i think about this story and all the complications and the drip, drip, drip of information that comes out, it always comes back to one thing for me which is the four lives of these americans. if you are a member of their family, i mean, just put
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yourself in that position for a minute. can you believe that you don't have apes? i mean, this is what it comes down to me. these four americans who were murdered there. and if you are going to give answers to anybody, give it to those families first. >> brian: the other families in america that have to wonder about the safety of their foreign workers in sudan, in somalia, in iraq, in afghanistan. they thought they were going to be protected. >> steve: all the foreign service. >> brian: outrage among the people supposed to to be doing the protecting. >> steve: someone else outraged is james lions he penned op-ed in the "new york times" today. having been in a number of other situations i know you have to have the courage to do what's right and take immediate action. obviously that courage was lacking in benghazi. safety remains pair mount with all the technology and capability we had in theater. for our leadership to have deliberately ignored the plea
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assistance is not only incomprehensible, it is unamerican, the admiral writes. >> brian: that's very significant decorated guy who has seen as much as he has. did you say incomprehensible? that's a great way to tip off bill. >> gretchen: did something finally go off on him? steve the light went off on his head. >> gretchen: 5:00 p.m. east coast time the mayor of new york city says by the way, let's not have that new york city marathon and have all these runners run around people who don't have power,s who houses are in smither reasons, whose case in some cases with missing or killed. let's not have race anymore. such outrage when the mayor said we are going to go ahead wanted ahead with this. they had two humongous generators power the tents at central park for the people to come and party for the marathon and yet, hundreds and -- thousands of people don't have power here in new
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york city. >> brian: how about people in hotels living there don't have anywhere else to live being kicked out somebody wants to run 2.6 miles from bolivia. >> steve: from bolivia to owe oblivious to it all. the mayor said said it's on. rude ran the race after september 11th. of course that was a month and a half later. this is the same week that the biggest storm that has ever hit new york city hit new york city. here are people reacting to the mayor caving on the marathon. >> people need water. and i'm not talking about the runners. so i think there would have been a lot of backlash. >> one or two days before the race they should have told us like on monday or maybe tuesday. >> there are too many people out there suffering who feel they are cut off from the rest of new york. they are in places where they are going to need every resource. >> gretchen: that's the thing, too. i do actually feel sorry for
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some of these racer who's came in from all these other countries too. the decision should have made in time for these people not to come all the way to new york. now they find out 48 hours before they are going to do it now they are here. so it's kind of a bungled mess. >> brian: this mayor also said after the times square bomber this sounds like somebody is mad about healthcare. guy's knee jerk reaction. the crane flipped over it should have been big wind. you shouldn't have crane up in the middle of a record hurricane or monster storm. bill. >> steve: bone headed decision. >> brian: people weighing up in the cold without power thanks to sandy. incredible images you are looking at are have from stat ten island, new york where the death toll has risen to 22. >> everything is replaceable. the people -- i can't replace my family.
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dave briggs joins us on the ground in staten island where it's still quite cold. what do you see. >> freezing. devastating here driving through the neighborhood. it's heart-breaking. i just spoke with the local police officer from the nypd. he rolled down his window and couldn't speak on camera. he had tears in his eyes just driving through this neighborhood. staten island is what one state senator calls ground zero for sandy damage. if you look around, you can find out why. what once was a very popular restaurant is utterly devastated. the street has been wiped out. there is a massive pit in front of that restaurant. power lines laying on the ground. entire neighborhoods have really been utterly destroyed. wiped away. you look at the sidewalks all over staten island. they are just lined with trash. think are lined with debris. they are lined with mattresses, couches, refrigerators. all the things that people used to fill their homes with
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are now out on the sidewalk in the freezing cold. 106 people are dead in the united states. 22 have died here in staten island alone. where we are standing right now, it's not far from where one mom lost the grip on her two young sons age 4 and 2. they were washed aby the waters and found just a few miles from here. of course, they had both died. part of the 22 people on staten island who passed away. you talk about the marathon decision. people are thrilled that it has been cancelled because the starting point was here on staten island. now, some of the resources can get across that bridge, which would have been closed. what they are outraged about is by first off the local red cross has been a bit slow to get help here. 25 mobile units are starting to get some help to the people who need clothing. who need food. who need blankets and of course need gasoline. three mobile kitchens are set
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up to start serving meals they can serve about 10,000 meals per day. they will start getting those underway today. and lastly, if there is one decision they are also outraged about, it is the gas rationing which will begin over in new jersey depending whether your license plate ends in odd or even number means you can get gas either today or tomorrow. lines still several hours long. we will bring you more throughout the show as we find some local residents who are trying to get back to their homes. most of them wiped out. you saw some of those homes. these are 3,000 and $400,000 homes. these may look like essentially a ghetto it is not it is a very nice neighborhood. it has been wiped out. people are devastated, guys. >> brian: all right, dave. we will check with you all show long as the sun comes up you will be able to see more and more. people are not thinking about long-term. they are thinking about today and tomorrow. all these hotels give you one
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day here, two days here and you are out. you have money on your credit card to put it on that hotel until fema can write you a check or red cross can help you out. >> steve: things will get better tomorrow night. the tens of thousands of people who came to new york city for the new york city marathon will be leaving presumably tomorrow night or on monday. perhaps some relief at the hotel. >> gretchen: we have four hours with you this morning. coming up very next. president obama celebrating the latest jobs numbers. our next guest says there is not much to celebrate. our economy is totally stagnant. what are the real unemployment numbers? he is here to explain coming up next. >> brian: while trying to rally up last-minute support. the president urges revenge against mitt romney. a strange word. what happened to siflt? do i say that every day? ♪ glory days pass you by nobody said an inkjet had to be slow.
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>> gretchen: 17 minutes after the top of the hour. president obama touting the latest employment numbers while mitt romney says it isn't good enough. >> today our businesses have created 5.5 million new jobs and today we learned companies have hired more workers in october than at any time in the last 8 months. [cheers] >> he said he was going to lower the unemployment rate down to 5.2%. today we learned it's 7.9%. that's 9 million jobs short of what he promised. unemployment is higher today than when barack obama took office. >> gretchen: with jobs still at a stand still 171,000 still created but 170,000 still lost. what does it mean for the real unemployment figures. good thing we have david. syndicated columnist. is he live with me from washington. good morning, david. >> good morning.
6:18 am
>> gretchen: this early in the morning i'm glad you can calculate all these numbers in your head. the last unemployment rate we are going to see before the election inches up. what's the real number? >> no president has been reelected with an unemployment rate higher than 7.4 since franklin delano roosevelt. it's a tough hill to climb. the fundamentals of this number are even worse simply because some people have left the labor market that if barack obama had the same amount of people looking for work as when george bush was president. left presidency, we would have a 10.6 unemployment rate. it's far worse than it looks. >> gretchen: what about this u 6 unemployment rate being 14.6% for october. what's u 6? >> that is everyone who is looking for work part timers, all the people in the workforce rather than just eliminating a lot of people who simply stopped looking. the u-6 some people think it's the real unemployment rate. i mean, i don't think there is
6:19 am
any perfect number to read this and we have always used u-3. u-6 i think tells you a little more these days about what's going on in the economy. >> gretchen: if you don't have a job it's 100% unemployment rate so it's all relative. >> that's right. >> gretchen: adjusted unemployment rate unemployment rate of labor force equal to january of 2009 when president obama came. in would actually be 10. a%, correct? >> i think 10.5, 10.6, yeah. very high. you have a bunch of people coming that the market every month that have to be met. i think it's 120,000. certainly it's just stagnation. last year we created 153,000 per month and now it's 157. so, that's not really heading in a great direction. take like 7 or 8 years just to get back to 4.4, which was the low under george bush. >> gretchen: how did the president make that promise under his term they prom missioned under four years they predicted 5.2% unemployment by 2012 if we passed that trillion-dollar stimulus. >> because politicians make
6:20 am
crazy promises to pass their legislation. the stimulus it, wasn't a promise, it was a chart essentially done by the administration that said if we pass the stimulus we would be down to a .2 or whatever it was. we haven't come close because the stimulus didn't create any jobs. we are where we are, which is a terrible place in this economy. stagnation. >> gretchen: already. david harsani. syndicated columnist, thanks for your time bright and early this morning. >> love to get up early, thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, look at this scene, passenger kicked off of a plane reportedly all because of a book. hurricane seanged wiping out entire neighborhoods leaving behind death and destruction. how will the storm's wrath impact the struggling housing market. so many issues to explore with this storm. we'll be right back. new trident layers juicy berry + tangy tangerine
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>> steve: with hurricane sandy leaving behind such a wide swath of destruction how will the devastation effect the already fragile u.s. housing market? >> brian: let's ask ceo of sharpen institute. alex, what short-term for the housing market that many people believe was on its way back? >> the housing market has been on its way back. we have three things that are going to change in the short-term. one of the things affected in the northeast is of course there is just not enough houses. we have a 50 year low of inventory right now. so where we were seeing a recovery, we're now going to see some struggle just due to the incredible damage. this is the second costliest hurricane in the history of the united states. so, when you look at the numbers, $50 billion in damage, it's going to take a
6:25 am
while for the northeast to recover. overall, however, the housing market in the u.s. is strong due to investors and banks finally moving through distressed inventory. short-term we will see an effect. long term this shouldn't effect the entire housing market. >> steve: short-term you are talking about the next three to six months. all right. left's look forward six months, years, a year or two from now. >> a year or two from now we are still in the housing recovery unless we have some other recession or some macroeconomic issue. here is what we know. we have not built enough houses in the past four years we are at 50 year low. inventory town 50% from last year. we are in a housing shortage. what's happened in the northeast only exacerbates that struggle. new jersey has been struggling with foreclosure issues. i think we are going to see the number to up a ton. as you know, a the lo of people think they are insured but they are really not insured for a lot of the
6:26 am
damage that they have experienced. it only makes the local problem that much tougher. >> brian: real quick. people think i live on the water for many people that's a goal and something they want to attain. do you think people still want to live on the water that have been experiencing this hurricane monster storm? >> you know, i think that people's memories are really short when it comes to disasters. the people who are in it, the people who are there today and struggling through this. this will be something people never forget for the rest of their lives. water front property is such at a premium what happened with andrew and ike and wilma. the water front areas always come bouncing bang. in this area it will probably be a year to two years before it gets back to what it was not only to the incredible damage to property but infrastructure. >> steve: i hope you are right. thank you, sir for joining us live on this saturday morning. >> thanks for having me. >> brian: four minutes until the bottom of the hour. so much for civility on the
6:27 am
campaign trail eastward either side. revenge on mitt romney? what revenge? i thought this was their first match. >> steve: she tried to sneak a fast ones at the polls but wound up walking out in handcuffs. what did she do? we got details. >> brian: that hair color looks so natural. ♪ there she goes again. ♪ ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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>> desperate situation images out of staten island, new york. look at her, ready for halloween, perhaps. 110 people killed by sandy, of course, gretchen, i and all the folks of "fox & friends" lost our power but nobody had more dage than brian kilmeade. that's why brian has been gone for a couple of days. >> brian: i don't want to make this about b. me but i want to give people a perspective when your house is filled like a foot or two high with salt water and all your neighbors are wiped out. there is no power number one. number two, your house was filled with water and now it's gone. you really got a short period of time to get the water out, to get the sheetrock out because it turns to malt. the smell becomes overwhelming
6:32 am
and the wood beginning to buckle. you want to start ripping things out even before you call fema. you call your flood insurance if you are lucky enough to have one and my wife was smart enough to keep it even though they said you don't need it anymore we kept it we had to take it out right away. you see some of these pictures now. immediately this group like structure tech. that's off my blackberry sorry about that. don't worry about the contracts and how much we will will deal with that later. help our neighbors out. start ripping all the wood out and getting all the water out. we ripped up three quarters of all the floors in my house. we have taken off the first two feet of the bottom as you see. >> shepard: with the sheetrock up at the top. >> all the furniture is damaged. it's all out of my house and in a huge pod or in the garbage, i can't throw it out because insurance needs to see it this is interesting story. hold the shot for a while. two blocks from the water. fire truck came down because this house in this area was in deep trouble. the fire truck gets stuck. the fire truck comes.
6:33 am
in they grab the other firemen. they all go in to help these people out. they get stuck. water gets so high it's going over the truck. they had to hop on the truck, swim to that window over there that you see in the corner,. >> shepard: second floor. >> tie the library inside. all these men, 20 guys went into the window and spent the next six hours there as they ate their halloween food and had to change into the people's clothes because they were all soaked and freezing there. >> steve: this was monday night probably 9:00 monday night. >> brian: as much as staten island looks horrible. i don't think anyone is telling the story shoreline and long island has been devastated. some other signs you see in this neighborhood bill more shores, harbor green. this is people, typical of the area. there is no water, there is no gasoline, there is no heat, there is no answers. that's an example of a car just about to go through the front of someone's house.
6:34 am
they don't usually park it it there. this is next door diagonally in front of my house. this is why no one in high house is complaining. that house exploded. those people moved in two days before, put their last box. in they have never lived in the house. that exploded and the house next to them exploded. across the street there were embers laying on the house. they evacuated water was at their chest. that's the house diagonally from our house. the reason why none of us are complaining. we just have water damage and we got to get new first floor. these people need entire new homes. >> gretchen: they had evacuated. >> they had evacuated. >> gretchen: was this from a gas explosion or from the sparks from the electricity and the wires snapping during the storm? >> brian: don't know. here is what i want to get across to people. you have to turn your electric off. because when the people put it back on, when they put it back on, they don't know you have had salt water in everything. now what they're doing in certain blocks putting the
6:35 am
power back on explosions again. if salt water compromises outlets you have got to shut off your master switch. number two shut off water main because it's freetzing at night. not going to be running water those will start exploding as well. if feel are trying to get ahold of fema. fema people called me and my neighbor and they said we got your name, we have your application. i know you don't have cell service, fine. so we get ahold of them i can't get to you. i said why the roads? they said no we don't have gas. we are stuck in block brooklyn. bill. >> brian: feerm doesn't have gas. no one in our neighborhood has gas. 4 and a half hours. yesterday by chance peter king the best congressman in the country is down my block, doesn't even know where i lived. happened to be there with senator gillibrand and all these other officials. they seemed really zoned in. but i will say there is no water, there is no electricity, there is no fema. flood insurance has not shown up and there is really no answers. nobody has a clue of should i throw it out?
6:36 am
clear live i can never use this furniture again. my floors smell horrible. can i get rid of it? no one has any definitive answers. >> steve: so important people are hearing it from somebody like you. they watch you every morning. you are having a lot of problems. the president came to new jersey, i don't know if you knew this or not, came to new jersey on halloween and said fema would help everybody out. you fast forward and some people have not been impacted by fema. meanwhile, the candidate and we're going to talk more about brian's situation in a little bit. but we have got to talk about the big election that comes up in three days. the candidates are making final arguments. the president of the united states yesterday was in springfield, ohio. and it's interesting. he was talking about mitt romney and he was talking about revenge. listen. >> at the time the republic congress, any senate candidate by the name of mitt romney. [boos] >> no, don't boo, vote.
6:37 am
vote. [cheers] >> voting is the best revenge. >> gretchen: apparently he typically he has this line where he does get boos so he knows that's how it's going to sort of happen. they do the same stump speech over and over again. the revenge line was apparently new on the stump yesterday. mitt romney's camp took exception to using this type of language. this president was the one who said we should all have a call forever -- call for civility. this is mitt romney's response to the comment. >> did you see what president obama said today? he asked his supporters to vote for revenge, for revenge. instead, i asked the american people to vote for love of country. it is absolutely essential that together we lead america to a better place than that. we're four days away from a fresh start. four days away from the first day of a new beginning. my conviction that better days are ahead is not based on
6:38 am
promises and hollow rhetoric but on solid plans and proven results. and it's based on unshakeable faith in the american spirit. >> brian: even the "new york times" wrote today is he getting more specific in his speeches as is he getting down to the wire. talked about the putting a re-training, re-format today. talked about posts he would have on cabinet. focusing heavy in ohio on friday. he also believes he has got pennsylvania because -- he has a shot at pennsylvania because that seems to be ticking towards him. >> gretchen: don't you usually get revenge from somebody if you are interested after you have had some sort of a sparring match with elm this. the use of the word was not exactly. maybe he meant that he was the same person as george bush or something like that. >> steve: we have had reports the president of the united states does to the like mitt romney at all. doesn't think he is qualified for the job. and there is three days until election day. virginia, the commonwealth, is one of the at this timest states in the country right now. not only is the presidential
6:39 am
race a virtual tie, the senate race will come down to the wire as well. peter doocy is live in fairfax, virginia with the latest on the battleground state of virginia. peter? >> and last night i was at the gym around 6:00 in the evening. and i looked over at a bank of tvs that are preset with all the local stations. at the minute that i looked over, every single tv with the local stations in northern virginia was playing a presidential campaign ad. that's just what life is like in a swing state. it's not just on the tv. it's in person as well. both candidates have been making a ton of visits to the state. president obama will be here in briscoe later on this afternoon. governor romney will make one more visit to virginia in the next three days before ballots are cast. big part of mitt romney's catch has been to military voters. the two biggest cities in virginia are virginia beach and norfolk. they both have enormous military populations. mitt romney has been telling
6:40 am
them that if he is elected president, he will stop to sequester those automatic defense cuts. listen to this. >> the strong american military, so strong no one would think of testing it. so strong that people would rather meet us on the bargaining table than on the battlefield that is essential to us and to the world. unlike the president, i will will restore that funding to our military. >> mitt romney has also been in virginia to help george allen get elected to the u.s. senate. allen is a former senator and governor of virginia. and he is trailing right now in the real clear politics average of polls to another former governor of virginia. democrat tim cane by about 0.8 points. the two men have raised about $30 million combined. and more than 40 million will dollars has been spent by outside groups on that race alone. allen getting help from mitt romney. tim cane getting help from the democratic ticket as well. >> folks, understand one
6:41 am
thing, barack and i believe as i believe you do. that we only have one sacred obligation as americans. to equip those we send to war and care for them and their families when they comb home. >> so you saw mitt rom nil and vice president joe biden there putting a big focus on the military vote here in virginia. today, the saturday before the election, it's the last day to vote absentee, in person. if you don't vote by today, you have to wait until tuesday to vote with everybody else. back to you. >> steve: peter doocy live in virginia where it's good to know when he ♪ reporting he is at the gym working out. hi, peter. >> gretchen: now to the rest of your evidence lines, this may be one of the most important elections in your history. that doesn't mean you can vote more than once. this is roxene reuben trying to vote twice. nevada woman cast a ballot on monday and tried to vote at another location later in the day. a worker turned her away after
6:42 am
a routine check showed she had already voted. she has been charged with a felony. >> steve: maybe she forgot. meanwhile in massachusetts, a town they are using the word illegal is now illegal. the word was banned in the town of summerville when describing immigrants. the mayor outlawed the illegal word after a group of teenagers argued it was a hurtful term. instead the group wants the term to be used undocumented. the mayor says he wants summerville to be a city of hope for undocumented immigrants and legal immigrants around the world. >> brian: spanish passenger kicked off of her flight because of a book. airlines booted her off because she was breaking one piece of hand luggage rule. the book and scroll she was carrying couldn't fit in her bag. she claimed her credit card wasn't working so she couldn't pay the excess baggage fee. they defend their actions. >> steve: a book counts as one of the pieces. >> that's about time.
6:43 am
>> gretchen: that's the airline that charges to you use the lav on board. long flight i don't know about you i have got to go. >> brian: i would like to wash up, here is is an extra dollar. secret cables detailing the situation in benghazi. where was the help? retired navy seal demanding more answers and we will talk to him about it next. >> brian: then is your vote for mitt romney actually going to president obama? the latest early voting problems ahead. ♪
6:44 am
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6:46 am
shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. >> brian: signs of communication break counsel on the attack u.s. consulate in libya. telling fox news senior counter terrorism officials felt shut out while life saving decisions were being
6:47 am
made that might explain why we didn't see them on television at all afterwards explaining what went on. a retired navy seal and president of on sec. demanding answers. this whole process has been strange. we are watching diplomats tell us what happened with terror attack. does that really make -- does this make sense that many some of the terror experts were locked out? >> it certainly looks that way. i mean, you have a -- you know, i have every confidence in the world that everybody on the ground at the operative level military and cia and those protecting us did their job. the failure came at the political level, of course, before, during, and after. and you said you had diplomats, ambassador rice coming out. quiet frankly, let's tell it what it is lying. republic, democrat whatever you are she has got to go because she lost credibility and she is our ambassador to the united nations which demands credibility. >> brian: came to light and really hurting you especially knowing that our guys were holding on, sure they were
6:48 am
going to get help. lighting, laserring up targets and no help came. what have you been able to find out about the disconnect there? >> well, again, i think the disconnect became at the political level. again, everybody on the ground there were doing their jobs, trying to save american lives. that's all they were focused on they didn't care about re-election or anything like that. they were trying to help their comrades. these guys are honorable and obviously heros there is a growing discontent with veterans in active duty. i talk to folks all the time and people in our community. people are upset. they want answers. they know answers could be given right now without an investigation. hillary clinton and president obama come out and try to set the record straight. right now and not spin everything. we don't -- we don't want the details. we just want answers and want accountability and want people to resign if they have to. >> brian: scott, two quick points to get to in a minute. real quick, when you hear the secretary of defense say i didn't want to put my guys into harm's way in uncertain situation, you are a navy seal.
6:49 am
don't you always go into uncertain situations? >> if i got the call right now, right now to go to libya or anywhere else to help folks and they needed me, i would be there right now. every single military member, cia folks, state department guys, security, anybody would step up to the plate and run out there in harm's way to save fell will he americans. there is no doubt about it. >> brian: you think he was disingenuous when he said that because you and delta force and guys like you do this all the time? >> folks like us and that are out there right now. that's what we do. that's what we would do. i think it was a misleading statement at best. >> brian: it's just is a shame the politics has gotten involved in. this we can't get the answers to stop the next attack and find out what happened with this attack. scott, thanks so much. >> thank you for having me. appreciate it. >> brian: straight ahead, reports of earl little voting problems in several states. is your vote at risk? we're going to tell you something that's coming down at the polling stations in
6:50 am
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6:53 am
>> steve: let's talk about the big election on tuesday. you think you voted for one candidate for president? think again. reports of early votes in kansas, nevada, north carolina, texas and ohio saying they thought they were voting for mitt romney but when they reviewed it, they discovered they were about to vote for barack obama. so, what do you do to make sure that you don't vote for the wrong person or, instead for the person you intend to, columnist for the national review magazine and co-author of the new book "whose counting" how fraudsters and bureaucrats put your vote at risk. john fund.
6:54 am
it's been reported by early voters in those states it pertains to a voting machine that kind looks like a tablet that it a lot of people use. >> sure. in many cases this makes voting easier and faster. so they are generally a good thing. however, they have to be carefully calibrated the screen so that when you touch your choice, it actually registers. and if there are any complaints, you should immediately report that to the election officials. i'm sure this mistakes happens with candidates on both sides of the aisle. >> steve: sure. >> at the end of the process though, unlike your normal paper ballot, there is a screen that says this is the summary of how you voted. please review. >> steve: it's like when you go shopping it's like review the things in your cart. >> exactly. >> you should check squarefully to make sure all the votes you wanted to cast are registered carefully. if there is a problem you can start over and go to another machine and certainly go to the election officials. >> steve: i read in one state and i understand the calibration thing. but in one state barack obama's name was actually
6:55 am
bigger than mitt romney's, good placement if you can get it. >> who knows how much he paid for that never mind. [ laughter ] what you say is make sure that you review if you have got one of those tablet things before you hit the cast your vote button. the rnc has sent look they sent out letters to a bunch of states and they said what? >> they said he are going to look into it ya da ya da ya da we have other things to do. bottom line is you should basically report this to the media, because that's one way to get the bureaucrats to move quickly if there is a problem and you don't think it's it resolved. second thing you should do is go to another machine if you are really unhappy with that or request a paper ballot in many states and they have to give you one. by the way, there are some problems electronic machines that are not going to happen. george soros does not own a spanish software company. >> steve: i have read that. >> he does not. mitt romney's son is not going to control votes because he has some stock in some. >> steve: i have read that there is at love stuff on the
6:56 am
internet that's not true. >> exactly. >> steve: how big a problem do you think voter fraud is this election cycle? >> landslide should not be problem because people don't have incentive to steal. this time it's going to be that close. i think on both sides there is going to be temptation for people to press their thumb on the scale of democracy and push hard whether it's absentee voting or impersonation voting or voting by noncitizens or voted by felons we have seen that swing elections in the past. al franken 110000. th pushed him over the top. deciding vote. >> steve: we just saw the woman who voted twice out in nevada she got arrested. >> they don't exist. >> steve: john fund's book "whose counting" all about the election. union workers steal mitt romney campaign signs in ohio? we have got details at the top
6:57 am
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easy to use, it's the ultimate combination of speed, small size, and low-cost printing. >> good morning, everyone. it's saturday, november 3rd. 2012. thanks for sharing your time right now. more contingency plan was ignored. three days left until the election. mitt romney giving his closing argument. >> does anyone who wonders whether better jobs and paychecks, i have a clear and unequivocal message with the right leadership, america will come roaring back. [cheers] >> president obama reacts by spinning down unemployment numbers a bit. live from the campaign trail. all this hour. >> no gas. no food. no electricity.
7:01 am
some people are dumpster diving. there is looting in some instances. and when will the help come? the aftermath we are live on the ground. one of the most devastated areas of new york city. "fox & friends" hour two special for saturdays starts right now. thanks for sharing your time with us today. monday through friday crew with you throughout the weeked now. brian is back suffering damage at his house over the last couple of days last couple of pieces. how many million is it now. 6 million people. talk about that later. i also think that i could be of help firsthand perspective
7:02 am
where is the water and gas and information insurers and fema. a lot of questions. also i just remembered i was in the 1993 malibu fires. and i had direct interaction with the red cross and fema then. i just remember you can come here. >> steve: they were ready with a lot of help. >> they seemed a lot different then. maybe so much wider and challenging feesm guy stuck in brooklyn very nice man. whole neighborhood wondering where they are. can't get gas to get to you and can't get a hotel room. they asked me if i could get him a hotel room on long island in order to service people doesn't mean bad person. if they can't get to me. they are asking me for a
7:03 am
hotel. i didn't get a hotel room until 8:00 last night. i'm not without resources. just no rooms people are not leaving. >> gretchen: show you more from brian's neighborhood coming up in a half hour. give you the latest situation in libya. we said yesterday drip, drip, drip. yep. now there is more information coming out. is this another smoking gun smoking gun. even talk of suspending operations two. locations, consulate and then cia headquarters that was secret about a mile away apparently now these cables point out that the consulate was so much in fear of this uprising of violence in days leading up to september 11th that they were talking about the contingency plan of moving their operations over to the cia here is exactly what it said. security situation was trending negatively. this daily pattern of violence would be the new normal for the foreseeable future particularly given the minimal
7:04 am
capabilities. if you are still trying to blame a videotape when you have got all this information now that they were going to maybe actually shut down the consulate, unbelievable. >> steve: it is unbelievable because the white house has said to us look, there were no real warnings that things were spinning out of control. we have now detailed for you, folks, close to a dozen different warnings that came from officials in the government. people as you have heardologied -- on the ground in benghazi. to your knowledge guy suspect in the the attack on our consulate in benghazi. you would think the white house would want to track this guy counsel, right? the white house, they have a lot of assets. got a lot of people who can find people they haven't done it yet. senator lynsey gram. senator sax is i chambliss. they have figured out where the guy was. and they are getting to your knowledge to hand them over just to talk to them about what happened. lindsey graham cannot believe
7:05 am
how this administration is dropping the ball. >> my belief is that this administration is trying to run out the clock when it woman's to benghazi. this is a story that changes by the day the president has been abought wol when it comes to benghazi libya leadership. they have been denying and deceiving the public. the person i blame above all sells president barack obama. he has oversold the dismantling of al qaeda. he spiked the ball when bin laden was killed and created a sense of security that doesn't exist. and he let these poor people in libya go into a death trap and didn't do anything about it. >> if i'm running the fbi. if i'm running the cia and i want access to them because i have to get the investigation to find out when the next attack is coming and what happened with the last attack, i would be raising hell to try to get somebody on the highest level to help me out. why is the phish and maybe -- is the fbi and maybe -- can't
7:06 am
get access. call all the senators, feinstein as well as graham get me access. john brennan get me access. >> steve: the administration doesn't want -- like lindsey graham just said they are trying to run out the clock until the election. >> brian: i don't understand why the fbi isn't more outraged. >> gretchen: maybe that's part of the reason why we are seeing drip, drip. somebody is behind the leaks. here is retired admiral james lions. he says courage was lacking in benghazi. he has written an op. ed about it here is a snippet from that according to his article. having been in a number of similar situations i know you have to have the courage to do what's right and take immediate action. obviously that courage was lacking for benghazi, the say safety of your personnel remains paramount. with all the ceability we had in theater for the leadership to have deliberately ignored the pleas for assistance is not only incomprehensible it's unamerican. the state department did a press conference but she wouldn't take any questions about the whole libya
7:07 am
situation. >> brian: she refuses. >> gretchen: if you are going to ask me questions about what happened before, what happened me in the middle or what happened after i'm not going to answer any of them. why have a press conference. >> brian: same woman wouldn't say she ever thought it was videotaped. we have never said that at the state department. we're not saying to point fingers at anybody else. just don't point them at you will. never said that. >> steve: top story here in the new york city area obviously sandy, the biggest storm to hit new york and new jersey and long island as well. extraordinarily after it hit and you saw the devastation. the mayor of new york city michael bloomberg said it's bad but we have got enough resources we can go ahead and run the 40th annual new york city marathon which was scheduled to run on sunday. tens of thousands of people from all over the planet converging on new york. keep in mind though. we showed you the picture of the gigantic generators parked
7:08 am
outside the tent in central park. those two generators could have lit up 400 houses in staten island. >> brian: port owe -- o potties. >> brian: people in the hotels run the marathon knocking out people who have no place to stay. >> gretchen: they made a fuss about this decision immediately yesterday morning we talked about it. wait a minute you have got dead bodies over here. we are looking for a morgue you are going to start in staten island and dead bodies and floods and devastation and pretend like it's not really there and more importantly take some of the police force away from now manning gas stations and helping people get back on their feet. the mayor kept saying no, we are not going to take away the resources. thinking it would be a good thing for new york city. finally pulled the plug 5:00 p.m. yesterday. >> steve: thank goodness he did. tens of thousands of people many out of towners coming
7:09 am
into new york city. you take thousands of cops to divert their resources to handling those big crowds. crowd control and everything else. stop lights. >> brian: people dying of thirst other runners on mile 13. here is gatorade, power bar. >> steve: putting the interest of tens of thousands of runners ahead of 8 million people but he did apparently the light went on in his head and even though i think virtually every other politician in new york city said it's a dumb idea, he said the show should not go on. do you think they would have run the new orleans marathon the week of katrina? >> right. i don't think so. >> steve: of course not. >> gretchen: rest of the headlines for saturday. president obama ordering the military to send extra gallons of fuel to new york and in the wake of seand. gas shortages unless people panicked. gas will be rationed starting
7:10 am
at noon people with license plates ending in odd number will only be able to buy gas. cars with license plates ending in even number can fill up on even numbered days. four ohio men busted for stealing mitt romney campaign signs. some were found in a union truck. police found tools that could be used to take signs down. local campaign workers have had problems with signs being stolen. this the is first time someone has been caught. the men were arrested and face misdemeanor charges. people in parts ofism know are going to have to pony up extra money if they want to buy a gun now. cook county, which includes chicago, has approved a tax that charges people 2 a dollars for every gun that they buy. well, the move is expected to raise $600,000 by next year to help pay healthcare costs from gun violence. last year 670 people were treated for gun related injuries in the county. beer taking a backseat bud plant in georgia. shut down beer line and started canning water instead. so far shipped 4,000 cases of
7:11 am
water up to the east coast. the company working with the red cross to figure out where it should be distributed. the company plans to package over 1 million cans over the next week. and those are your headlines. >> steve: take news for budweiser we would take the beer, too. >> brian: somewhere laverne and shirley are smiling. >> steve: 7:11 on this saturday morning. three days to go before the big general elections. does mitt romney have a secret weapon in the key swing state of ohio? our next guess says mitt does. it will win him the election. >> brian: we have got to be hun more honest. you are the wine drinkers i'm the beer drinker on the couch. when a deer decides to fight back. when a deer, did i say beer -- when a deer decides to fight back, he is now speaking out about the attack. >> that's the beer talking. [ female announcer ] food, meet flavor.
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7:15 am
click or call. violation chairman of the faith and freedom coalition chapter in ohio. good morning to you, doctor. >> good morning, steve. what a great weekend for democracy in america. >> we are right on the cusp of the big general election which is tuesday. you say that you think. we're going to put up a graphic, doctor, that shows the impact of evangelicals in a couple of the swing states
7:16 am
they account for 30% of the vote in ohio. 31% of vote in iowa. 26% of the vote in wisconsin. and you say, doctor, that they are energized to get out there and vote for mitt romney. why? >> there are a number of reasons why they are energized but particularly when the president endorses same sex marriage. when he endorsed or took away a lot of religious liberties with the affordable care act this group became very energized. if you back up to the 2004 election which was a major election regarding the marriage amendment. the way that was won in ohio was the rural voters outvoted the metropolitan area. 250,000 vote margin was racked up in a place like cuyahoga county. and then the rural voters came through at 5,000, 10,000 per county and they ended up winning that election we see
7:17 am
that same intensity, the rural voter is engaged. that's where many of the evangelicals live. in fact, you will see that percentage increased to 32%, 33% as i have worked with faith and freedom we have had over a 100 pastor training sessions across the state there are just numerous, numerous ways that ewould have contacted these voters. 3 million voter guides have been set out. another 3 million from folks like tony perkins and family research council community values pastor training. huge number of people are involved in this effort. >> steve: you touched with this affordable care act. abulbasher of in athletes -- catholics are upset one of the mandates employers, aside from churches even though they may have connections to religious institutions like catholic charities and schools and things like that, they have to
7:18 am
pay for contraceptives and things like that. catholic churches hauled the government into court over that you are infringing on religious liberties. you i saying the evangelicals are watching what they do and catholics say wait a minute. we are all in this together absolutely catholic church. yowch 500,000 people that didn't vote last time have been contacted over and over. and they are engaged this time. catholic bishops are issuing letters and saying to the priest read these also on the evangelical side. the pastors are watched what what has happened the last four years everyone was excited about barack obama's message of hope and change but when he continued to lean further and further left and he began to impact the church and all of the biblical distances of the church on
7:19 am
marriage, then suddenly the church became engaged. so, we are seeing right now the most involved and enthusiastic group of church gophers and faith communities and value voters that i have seen in my lifetime. it is just amazing what is happening in ohio. 1 million value voters have been contacted in the last week with phone calls. and now the independents are being it's amazing what's happening right now. >> i think you are right about the enthusiasm level in ohio, doctor. there was a rally yesterday. mitt romney, 3 thousand people. it was extraordinary. dr. mark smith president of ohio christian university. sir, thank you very much for joining us today from boston. thank you. thank you. it's going to be a great day as call thomas told me as we were together yesterday he said they always under value the media always under value the evangelical voter. you will see on election day the difference it makes. >> we will know sooner than
7:20 am
later. thank you very much. 20 minutes past the hour on this saturday. smoking gun after smoking gun. more secret cables reveal the unraveling situation in benghazi before it happened. was a plan to get americans out of libya shot down? and by whom? more exclusive details straight ahead. americans are hungry for more jobs. but all they are getting is more food stamps. the startling statistics costing taxpayers a boat load of dough when we roll on. ♪ ooh baby, looks like you need a little help there ♪
7:21 am
7:22 am
♪ ooh baby, can i do for you today? ♪ [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. nly align has bifantis, a patented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. try align to help retain a balanced digestive system. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align.
7:23 am
>> gretchen: 23 minutes after the top of the hour. time for news by the numbers. 75 times greater than job creation under the obama
7:24 am
administration. that number according to the senate budget committee. next, 50% the estimate of how many people voted early in nevada. new record for the state. and finally 1.5 million. that's how many ipad minis apple expects to sell this weekend. they went on sale yesterday. and make that 1.5 million and 1 because i'm going to buy one. >> brian: good luck. now there is developing news in attack. agreed to allow the fbi to question the detainee suspected of playing a large role in the attack. senior member of the armed service committee lynsey graham made it all happen. here is what he said last night. >> it's not enough to write questions. you have to be on the ground to look people in the eye. to your knowledge came through. and two days after the letter. here we are. this administration is trying to run out the clock when it comes to benghazi. ceo of concerned america. all these battles over the last 12 years and now in one
7:25 am
to find out what what happened. pete, first off, we do have new information. first off before we get to that on the interrogation. have you interrogated. have you talked to people that you know were rebels on the other side in afghanistan and iraq. how valuable is it going to be? >> us from the straghtd part it took senator in north carolina lindsey graham to get people arrested. we were told immediately upon this incident justice would be brought upon those responsible. of course it hasn't n meaningful way. letters to pull people from tunisia to interview them. hopefully the intelligence we get will be useful. it is 6 weeks later which doesn't quite make it actionable. it will be useful to find out what they knew and how they perpetrated. we know they used the sweater video on a smoke screen on the ground then for their attack. what will he reveal? we are not sure. six weeks later senator sending a letter tepid response from this white
7:26 am
house. >> brian: counter terrorism security group is the group that is is supposed to know what resources have every agency has. they know of multiple options and have the ability to coordinate counter terrorism assets across all agencies. they were not allowed to do their job. they were not called disturbing to say the least. >> thartd. and reports now show that one of the first groups called was the fbi. the fbi comes in after the fact i was reading a lot of material on the way over here. different reports. what group, who was called when. it's clear there was a lot of confusion and not a lot of coordination. have you got to give credit for the guys in that annex who, when they were called, said regardless of what assets are being brought to bare, we are going to put our gear on and head out the door and head to the sound of the guns which is what those seals who were ultimately killed did. they didn't wait for someone higher up to call they made the call. that's the american way and kind of courage we want to
7:27 am
see. >> brian: knows what it is like when the afghan forces get infiltrated and the guys you train turn their guns against you. find out some of the libya security forces may have been working for the other side or at the very least been loyal to the other side. your reaction? >> not surprising. they discovered new documents that showed that there was concerns as recently as that morning of september 11th. taking photos of the compound and police officers that were supposed to come in and provide additional security. this happens all the time in places like this where there is a security vacuum and you have got security forces whose allegiances are unknown. all you can do is as security personnel is watch those folks closely. you know, take away the sensitive material they might have or photographs or cell phones as best you can ultimately, if you are outnurebbed and they know the terrain. if you don't have additional security details there you are going to be vulnerable. that's exactly what happened. we are learning insider aspect
7:28 am
to this. >> brian: showing loyalty to the other side by not doing anything to protect. >> that's right. don't have to shoot at you. don't have to dying in or send intelligence out. go here, go there this is where they are vulnerable. that's sometimes all it takes. >> brian: all right. captain. thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks. >> brian: coming up straight ahead much the candidates stepping out in full force in battleground states. we will hear each of their final arguments and let you be the judge. millions of americans were no food, no gas, no power after hurricane sandy. so, when will all this help come? we're live on the ground in most of the devastated areas of new york and new jersey next. [ male announcer ] free windows 8 training from your son.
7:29 am
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7:33 am
you are surrounded by even more devastation, aren't you? >> unimaginable devastation, steve. more more so than michael whose home is right behind us, a home he cannot go into because of the red sticker that you may or may not see it's unsafe area you cannot enter your home. michael, how difficult is this to return home this morning? >> i can't explain it. now it's 69. i'm homeless. >> i can't imagine. you were here with your two sons. >> i was working. they were just devastated. the wave took my son who was in that car and smashed it and he had water all around -- my oldest son came around the corner and was able to get the door open, i don't know how.
7:34 am
and then they ran. and they were there from when the the first -- from the wave first hit until 9, 9:30 in the morning. >> you say this water record level surges. more than 10 feet sometimes. as high as 15 feet. >> went over that building. >> over that building? >> right. >> how terrifying was that experience for you and your son? >> well, for my sons, they were there, me, i didn't want to lose my sons, i didn't care about this place. >> what do you do now? where do you go? >> well, my youngest son took us in and we got no clothes. the police department, my son, john, works for the police department. and they donated about 10 bags of clothes. there is people out there that want to help.
7:35 am
it's a shame. red cross truck. patrol car coming around, it was so dangerous with the bull horn because we have always had floods here 4 feet. >> many people are angered at the lack of response. at the lack of help they are receiving. they're pleading for food, for clothing, for gas. are you angry? or are you just upset? >> it's just a sign of the times. you know, there is too many other things that are more important than the people in the neighborhood. i mean, the politicians should start looking at helping all the people around. see the need. i mean, instead of spreading themselves all over the world. >> lastly, what do you need? what do people here in staten island need? because i know there is a lot of our viewers that would like to help. >> just moral support.
7:36 am
maybe -- i have my family. there are some people that don't have anybody. reach out to the people that really need that don't have food, i mean, i'm still working, but that's -- i chose to do it. >> a lot of perspective, obviously, 22 people lost their lives in staten island. you lost your home. our heart goes out to you. thanks for being with us this morning. guys back to you. a lot of stories like michael's. he is not alone. this entire street. they all have stickers telling them they cannot enter their homes any time soon. >> gretchen: that's so sad to see that raw emotion. >> get the truck there. can you get into those roads. these guys should get there get the red cross. it's not that big staten island where you can't get a dozen trucks in there today.
7:37 am
>> steve: did you see him gripping his -- communicate with people. no electricity there. nothing to plug into. so you wind up going stopping by the coffee shop or go to out at the mall in new jersey, nordstrom's has some power strips set up and falling chairs around it. plug in phones and laptops and watch it and it also it's warm. >> their assembly man came forward and said they are ignored. the white house scrammed -- scrambled to get them answers. >> steve: they haven't seen it yet. >> gretchen: get to rick reichmuth who is normally here on the weekend. it's great to be in your company, rick. you are going to give us the weather island. >> the red cross has been out on staten island. they do an amazing job. that can provide some of those beginning basics for people. the electricity, obviously is such a big deal.
7:38 am
[inaudible] >> it's possible. if you get 10 trucks out there. staten island. they had a lot of place informs go. when you spread a storm of this magnitude out across such a big area it takes time to get into all of those spots. the red cross, you know everybody, it's one of those great places to donate because they do such a great job every time after these storms. big storm coming next wednesday also that we're going to be talking about. i want it show you. this the next five days looking cool all across the area. so people without power, you have got cooler days and cooler nights. the temps this weekend. the coldest we have seen. tonight the coldest we have seen so far this year. that's the case out across jersey. case in towards staten island. you see on this wednesday here. i will show you that more on a second. wednesday is looking to be a big problem day. next few days on long island as well. people without power still another cold one. get towards wednesday. take a look at. this we have been talking about a potential nor'easter. good part is it is not a tuesday election day event it. it is a thursday event.
7:39 am
we can't say exactly where this storm will be or how big it's going to be but the potential is in place for a very significant nor'easter. not a sandy type storm but a nor'easter that could be big enough that could cause winds to get 40 to 50 miles per hour. certainly some strong wind and rain and also some snow across interior sections. people here the exact area struggling potentially getting a storm wednesday, thursday. real quickly i want to take to you tuesday and election day. it's actually looking really pretty good. the storm that's going to be our wednesday storm will be forming on tuesday down across parts of the southeast gulf. that's the only spot we will see problems that day. the rest of the country you are looking really really good for election day. one bit of good news for election world. >> brian: the problem is the schools don't have power. usually vote in schools. they have to send the national guard trucks to show up and -- if you think people are going to travel a mile in good whether or not weather and go to a school and now ask them to go 10 to 20 miles to find a truck to go vote without a
7:40 am
phone system to get them in touch of where to go to find that truck is really going to effect. >> steve: they will park the military trucks right at the location you are supposed to go to. rear than going inside you somehow do it right there. >> gretchen: thank you, rick. touch base with you throughout the morning. >> steve: with just three days until election day, the state of virginia is one of the tightest races in the country. not only is the presidential race a virtual tie. the senate race will come down to the wire as well. peter doocy live in fairfax, virginia with the very latest on the commonwealth. peter? >> and since it's saturday before the election, today is the final chance that people have in virginia to vote absentee in person. that's -- this is where the folks in fairfax county can do that later on today. virginians for the last few months have been inundated with political ads on the it v and on the radio. those visits are not going to stop before the election day, before in the next three days. president obama is going to be
7:41 am
in bristow, not too far from here later on this afternoon with former president clinton. we expect to see mitt romney at least twice in the last three days. we have been seeing a the love the president lately and seeing a lot of mitt romney. he was in virginia beach a few days ago, talking to their very big military population and he was basically telling them that if he is elected, he will put a stop to the sequester, those automatic defense cuts. the stronger american military. so strong no one would think of testing it no one would beat us battlefield. that is essential to us and to the world. unlike the president i will restore that funding to our military. >> there is a really tight senate race in virginia as well between two former virginia governors. republic george allen and democrat tim cane. the two have raised a combined $30 million. outside groups have spent
7:42 am
another $40 million just on that senate race. mitt romney has been stumping for allen and vice president biden was here this week telling virginia voters to vote for cane while also putting the emphasis just like mitt romney was on the military. >> folks, understand one thing. barack and i believe as i believe you do. that we only have one sacred obligation as americans to equip those we send to war and care for them and their families when they comb home. >> since 1952, virginia has backed a republic in every single presidential race except 1964 and 2008, we only have to wait three days to see if they will back a democrat, back to back elections for the first time in over half a century. back to you. >> all right. that all important swing state of virginia. thank you so much, peter. >> steve: new ho knew about the allen tim cane race or tom cane.
7:43 am
>> that happens a lot. >> gretchen: within the margin of error of below 1 percentage point. >> we live in the margin of error steph steve straight ahead on this special saturday show. fox news has gotten ahold of secret cables. contingency plan was ignored. women's group calling on the president to come clean. up next, hear from one of the members of that group. >> and a husband in the diagnose house with his wife. this goes to the extreme to say he is sorry would do you this? >> steve: she still looks steamed. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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7:46 am
>> gretchen: the group women united clean.
7:47 am
>> when the steals called, they got denied. now, what did america get? >> a crude and disgusting video he that sparked outrage through the muslim world. >> a response to inflammatory material posted on the internet. >> the united states government had nothing to do with this video. >> it is in response to a video. >> a video. >> it's time for the truth. it's time for change. it's time for a real commander and chief. >> gretchen: will the owe he bama administration come clean. joining me is the sister of the sister of the hijacked. flown into the pentagon on 9/11. she is a member of the women united pac. >> good to see you. >> gretchen: you believe the president needs to come clean with the american people. what do you want him to say? >> i want him to tell it the truth. you know, i stood with 9/11 families on the morning of the benghazi attack with the president at the pentagon and he told us that our military
7:48 am
delivered a crippling blow to al qaeda. leadership was devastated. bin laden was dead and never threaten us again. longest war in history would be over in 2012 what we knew the families standing in front of him the president had told us a beautiful lie. that al qaeda is not dead. that al qaeda is on the rise. and just a few hours later, thats would proven out when we saw the black flag of al qaeda hoisted over our embassy. we think the american people need to be told the truth about what is actually happening in the middle east. the rise of the muslim brotherhood which is the political arm of islamist groups. and the fact that our -- this was not a consulate in benghazi. everyone is calling it a consulate except the president and hillary clinton.
7:49 am
>> gretchen: what was it it? >> a consulate embassy that gives out visas and passports and has an american flag flying and takes visitors. this was shadowing unmarked clandestine building there was no american flag flying there where the united states was engaged in a secret mission recruiting reebles war. they were including among them the jihadi population. in other words, our government was involved in the bad lands of benghazi which is run by ansar al sharia. the very same people that attacked our embassy. what people need to know is thatted when cia sent a reaction force from tripoli, they were held at the airport for three hours while our people were desperately pleading for help. >> gretchen: why? >> they were held by the libyans. the libyans wouldn't let them
7:50 am
through. they asked for heavy weapons because all they had were light weapons, pistols and rifles and they were denies a well. president obama and hillary clinton put brigades benghazi mission. the american people need to know that that -- the 17th martyr brigades are named after 11 islamists who died common stralgt in front of the italian consulate in benghazi. because they were protesting over the danish car tunes. when cartoons. they were not allowed to have weapons. they didn't come. do you know when the 17th martyr brigades came? after all our people were dead and the attack was over. >> gretchen: some unanswered questions and you are harmed with a lot of information debra burlinggame thanks for
7:51 am
coming on today. >> gretchen: nicole petalides is here with the startling numbers. i forgot what i was going to say. patrick, i want 100% commitment! because i care man, ok? who are we!? 49ers! 49ers! 49ers! yeah! [ all cheering ] what the heck is going on in here? sorry coach, i just got a little carried away. alright, i think we're good. [ morgan ] for a chance to be in a locker room on game day and more... join visa nfl fan offers and make your season epic.
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7:54 am
>> brian: countdown continues for election day. the economy continues to be the number one issue for voters. >> steve: president obama says he needs four more years to fix what he started. the question is what has he done in first four years. nicole petallides from the fox business network joins us. good morning. >> good morning. >> steve: the price of gas how much was it and now how much was it? >> we have a lot of great things to look at before and after. here it is in 2008. 1.85. 2012, 3.80. so many of us have been to the gas pump have seen it over 4 bucks. >> brian: the president's answer during the debate was laughable.
7:55 am
the economy was doing so much worse it had to be low. >> steve: blamed bush. >> everything rg he has been doing in this administration has not been beneficial to the american people. you talk about unemployment the poverty rate. you talk about welfare, you talk about how this administration is spending. they are spending more on welfare than on any other item such as social security medicare, national defense more money is going to welfare, food stamps and stuff. >> steve: reason to explain that: look at the poverty rate back when he took hold and now at it. it's up almost. >> 12.5% to 15.1%. inspects not like we make these numbers up. these are the straight facts and bank failures is a good one to take a look at here. back in 2008, 25 bank failures. 2 so far this year. and don't forget what we have been seeing. we have seen the administration add to our
7:56 am
debt. $5 trillion in debt. we have had near zero interest rates. and, yet, at the same time, growth has been minimal and still on latest unemployment report, you see that we're really not growing fast enough at all. >> steve: going the wrong way. >> going just slightly high ir. >> steve: we need lots more jobs. >> we need a lot more jobs. at this rate what we have been seeing, we added 171,000 jobs on friday. 7.9%. at this rate when we talk to the former head of bureau of labor statistics, do you know how long it would take to get back? almost 10 years. >> brian: wow. >> is that good enough for you? >> brian: am i the only one concerned about how scary the graphics sound? >> steve: kind of like -- >> -- >> brian: paying attention to nicole. i'm so scared. >> is that the only reason why? >> brian: there is a myriad of reasons. [ laughter ] >> let's talk about food stamps because we don't want to leave that one out.
7:57 am
$71.8 billion of your money and my money spent on food stamps. that's another key one. i wanted to say i'm so sorry for all the families affected by hurricane sandy. >> brian: coming up at the top of the hour. governor huckabee. >> steve: right back. chuckles ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] around view monitor with bird's-eye view. nice work. [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new nissan pathfinder. it's our most innovative pathfinder ever. nissan. innovation that cites. ♪
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8:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, it's saturday, november 3rd, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson, thanks for sharing your time today. brand new secret cables show the showing ending were in benghazi before four americans were killed. why was that decision not made. >> steve: as you saw on this program yesterday the unemployment rate in the country has ticked up again. just three days before the election. we now know more americans are out of work this month than last. how will this impact your vote? it's all about the economy, right? that's what we are going to ask governor mike huckabee when he weighs in in two minutes. >> brian: from hope to change to revenge? we'll play the president's
8:01 am
shocking comment that caught us by surprise and team romney's team too. the revenge to comment. "fox & friends" for the second hour. >> gretchen: third. >> brian: third hour starts now. you know how i know it's the third hour? i'm on my third cup of coffee. >> brian: i have never seen you jump down my throat like this. >> gretchen: come on. >> steve: brian kilmeade is back with us. he had damage. god bless you. you lost your entire first floor of your house. >> brian: right. >> steve: you said, it could be worse i only lost the first floor. >> brian: i haven't watched a lot of television. as bad as it is in staten island it's horrible. i want to let people understand how devastating it has been to long island. i'm not sure it's getting played i could be wrong.
8:02 am
all i get is satellite radio. like many people i don't have electricity. my whole neighborhood got the very least thousands of people the first floor. my immediate left the house has exploded. the house next to it exploded. and then a lot of people didn't have flood insurance nobody knows what's going on. no sign that the heat is going on. the power is going on. absolutely no communication. no cell service there is no gas leap. this is disaster. i want to make sure people know how bad things currently are on the island. i'm not complaining. i want people to know the people on long island you have got to pay attention there, too. >> steve: you have a unique perspective. you are the embedded reporter for that particular situation and he has got some great. >> brian: my family is going to look to be paid about this. >> steve: keeping your sense of humor we love that about you. you just mentioned staten island. dave bringings is -- briggs is out there as the sun comes up and it is grim.
8:03 am
>> brian talks about people that did not have the proper coverage. here in staten island, that is all too real. if you look at the home just to my right it your left. we spoke with the owner this morning. his house is totaled. unsafe area. that's what the red sticker on his window means. his house is totaled. he has coverage that did not include flood and hurricane coverage. it's all on him. he said many of his friends have the exact same situation. the next home, we just spoke with the owner who lost a porch, had to jump in the second floor window to stay safe with her and her dog. she is just one of many residents who actually consider themselves lucky this morning because, of course, 22 people lost their lives here on staten island alone in the wake of hurricane sandy. 106 people in the united states have been killed by this storm. it's an area that many are comparing to hurricane katrina. one state senator said this is our small katrina. my producer ron said this is
8:04 am
very similar to the lower ninth ward. he was there for two weeks. if we can pan just one more time to the other side of the street looks like piles of trash. really what this is is people's goods, mattresses, chairs, desks, and on final note. the new york city marathon was, of course, called off. many of the people here don't know that because they don't have power. i just spoke with one homeowner here. what do you think of the people that decided to cancel the marathon? she says she doesn't care. he is from russia been here for 20 years. those are, quote. sick people that were planning to go ahead with this marathon even though they cancelled it people were furious that they were ever considering it. more in the next hour including someone who lost their home. guys back to you. >> dave briggs, thanks so much for that report. being at the heart of it. >> brian: knicks did played last night packed house. brooklyn put on on thursday. the knicks played unbelievable. the crowd seemed great. i was in dave and busters
8:05 am
yesterday as well as the marriott. >> steve: because it was warm. >> brian: it was packed. they were happy for the distraction i believe because there were a lot of people there that didn't look like basketball fans. >> steve: needed something to cheer for and they got it. >> gretchen: now for your headlines. president obama ordering the military to send fuel to new york in the wake of hurricane sandy. gas shortages have sparked insanely long lines and left people panicked. gas will be rationed starting today at noon. people with license plates ending in odd number will only be able to buy gas. cars with license plates with even number. i have to tell you in connecticut all the license plates in line to get gas new york. a plea deal for suspected terrorist and al qaeda sympathizer in interview with u.k. newspaper. the sun, the lawyer for abu hamza al masri says he may plead guilty to and return for a lighter sentence. this just weeks after pleading not guilty to 11 terror charges. he is accused of trying to set
8:06 am
up al qaeda training camps in the u.s. and taking hostage in yemen back in 1998. new information in last month's friendly fire death. nicholas ivy, a report revealing ivy and two colleagues were in radio contact just before they fired their weapons. they also were close enough to signal to etch auto other using flashlights. three were responding to a tripped sensor near the u.s. mexico border. ivy ended up being shot to death near arizona a spot well known for drug and human trafficking. add this to the list of joe biden's greatest gaffes. here is the vice president at a rally in wisconsin. >> there has never been a day in the last four years i have been proud to be his vice president. not one single day. >> steve: oops? >> gretchen: huh? never been a proud to you have been proud to be the vice president? i don't think he meant that the vice president obviously unasquare -- unaware that he
8:07 am
gerald his words. >> brian: here is a clue is he in trouble when he is looking straight ahead. prompter is here and joe biden looking straight ahead everybody and his staff sweating. >> gretchen: somebody fabulous off prompter is governor mike huckabee who joins us live this morning from columbus, ohio. >> gretchen: i missed you in those debates this year because you always had the great quip. >> thank you very much, gretchen. i want to say to brian and all of his neighbors my heart goes out to you guys. it just devastating. to see this destruction, you know, i don't think people can fully comprehend and god bless you for hanging in there and having such a great spirit. it's encouragement to everybody. >> steve: absolutely. >> brian: everyone around me got it worse and my family and everything like that wondering when things are going to get started. i want to chronicle from the average day perspective what it is going to take to get the lights on, answers on insurance in cases of people needed fema. i want to see the response time and what the problem is with getting gas.
8:08 am
because if you look at what we did in haiti and other countries to help out, i mean, i'm not saying in a little while you are going to need air drops of food because the supermarkets aren't getting restocked. gas is not coming in and no one is going to be able to help there is a lot of trucks out there that can't even get fuel to help out. >> only thing like this is katrina that i can ever recall. so many people devastated. and god bless you guys for hanging in there. >> steve: the other thing about what's going on here is it is cold. it is freezing unlike back then when it was a bit warmer. we're going to talk more about that in a moment. mike, we're just three days away from the election. the administration last thing they want to talk about is what happened with that coverup in benghazi. you know, they said early there were no warning science. we have, at this network chronicled between half a dozen and a dozen of them. here another one, looks like a smoking gun a secret cable that said they had this emergency meeting three weeks before those guys were murdered. you know what?
8:09 am
the consulate not safe. we should probably go ahead and hide out over at the cia outpost about a mile away. nobody did anything. >> no, they didn't. there ought to be a pulitzer prize for catherine herridge and jennifer griffin at staff at fox news they have done yo men's work to get the truth out. >> first to say the government lied to us and now they are covering it up. it's becoming more clear every day. clear danger in benghazi. indication that the reason that the ambassador went there really secretly and quietly because he knew it was a treacherous place to be. why we haven't admitted that the only thing you can imagine is that we just don't want to admit that, you know, bin laden may be dead. but al qaeda is very much alive. it's the ambassador who is dead.
8:10 am
do you think america is going to get answers before the election? three days away. the president has been successful in not taking questions about it. it's not going to happen before the election. mitt romney has not made a campaign issue. >> gretchen: why? >> that's a decision the campaign has made. maybe they fear that people would assume it's a last-minute attempt to play gotcha. but i think it is the driving issue i know the economy is important. when we can't trust our government with the basic integrity to tell us the truth about why our official representative to a country was murdered, then i think we have a bigger problem than our paychecks i really do. i think this is a huge issue. if president obama were to win i think it is going to dog most of his second term. >> steve: it's one thing, governor, that fox news has asked for comment from the white house and the state department again yesterday they are stonewalling. investigation, classified not going to tell you anything. there are a number of members
8:11 am
of congress who have written letters to the white house and the state department and hillary clinton saying come on, there are four dead guys here, tell us what happened. they have completely being frozen out. nothing. i have spoken with several senators, lindsey graham on my radio show. he has explained he has repeatedly asked. one thing for a reporter to ask. we kind of expect that the news media is going to get stonewalled. a united states senator has a constitutional right and authority as part of the check and balance of the government to demand answers of the other branch of government. and they are not getting it. this is something bigger than just information flow. this is a defiance of the most fundamental understanding of our checks and balances within the constitutional frame that we operate under. >> brian: i always look for number one, i'm amazed very few people on the other networks are pursuing with any vigor this is something they were born to be investigative journalists regardless where they worked, number one, number two is i'm reading the "new york times" i notice
8:12 am
trying to get a fall guy and his name is david petraeus. starting to talk about how people inside the agency aren't happy with him. how general dave petraeus likes to be in charge and get saluted he doesn't like to get involved in the politics of it as if he is over his head. i can see them lining up a fall guy and he happens to be an american hero. >> well, i think they have tried to find a number of fall guys if you will hillary clinton came out and said it was my responsibility. then the president had to come out in the debate and say no it was really mine. the buck is being passed everywhere here is what you are going to see happen. people in the intelligence community and so outraged by the betrayal what they are going to do is start leaking information and it's already started. they are already instances of people who are starting to let information flow because they are frustrated that their sacred honor has been put on the line by this administration. they are north going to sit back and be quiet about it.
8:13 am
>> gretchen: some point americans are going to find out all the answers. it probably won't be before tuesday. governor huckabee, stick around, will you? just three days before the lxz the unemployment rate has gone up. now 7.9%. will that impact tuesday's vote? we'll pick the governor's brain on that. >> brian: then the word illegal is illegal? the mayor of one town trying to ban the word when describing immigrants. >> steve: plus, there could be blow back on the federal response to sandy, the president of the united states has just arrived at fema headquarters on the saturday before the election. that's never good. jenna shared her recipe with sharon, who emailed it to emily, who sent it to cindy, who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson.
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that's the sound of car insurance compani these days. here a cheap, there a cheap, everywhere a cheap... you get it. so, what if instead of just a cheap choice, you could make a smart choice? like, esurance for example. they were born online and built to save people money from the beginning. it's what they've always done. not just something they cheap about. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. >> steve: welcome to a special saturday morning edition of "fox & friends." just three days before the big election, mike huckabee is out in columbus, ohio with us. mr. governor, big day
8:17 am
yesterday for mitt romney. he had 30,000 people energized at an event there in ohio. one of the reasons people are excited about him he has a plan for the economy. if you look at the unemployment number yesterday it went the wrong direction. up that frar 8%. it's at 7.9%. >> steve, i will be honest with you, i think the message if i were an employer, and i am. what i say to employees is simply this. if you really want to keep your job, you need to hope barack obama doesn't keep his if you are determined that he needs to keep his you need to be prepared to lose his. if he is reelected what you have had the last four. the numbers haven't improved. many cases gotten worse because his policies are antibusiness. i know that sounds harsh but it's the hard reality. when you continue to threaten people with higher taxes, increased cost of regulation. government intervention you
8:18 am
scare employers from wanting to hire anybody. >> gretchen: one of the words tossed about this morning is stagnation when you look at the jobless number yesterday. it did tick up unemployment 7.9%. when you look at how many jobs are created 170,000 jobs how many jobs were lost, the same number, 170,000 jobs you see it as stagnation. >> i do. i will tell you there is another untold story. the jobs being created are jobs that generally are paying much less than the jobs that were originally lost. so there are many people in america who made $80,000. they lost that job. now they are back at work so their employment is counted as employment. but they are only making $40,000. that's what's not being told. even in these job numbers. the earning power of the average american household is down $4,300. that means they have that much less money in their household their food and cost are up.
8:19 am
clothing and school. less money to pay for it that's the real economic impact. >> your opinion on this, governor. i don't think the president ever thought he was dealing with the type of candidate that would develop like governor romney has developed. when you see him in front of these crowds, when you see him with individuals, he is not the same guy he was six months ago and certainly not the same one he was three and a half years ago. you know that firsthand. am i overstating that? >> you are not. mitt romney has really hit his stride right at the right time. i was with him at a campaign rally in north carolina a few weeks ago i was sort of stunned. he is there. he was electric phiing that audience there san energy out there. let me tell you what i think is going to happen. remember the chick-fil-a day that no one saw coming? i think if you saw that many americans line up and stand in line for hours to buy a chicken sandwich so that their voices could be heard. you will see at love people that maybe aren't getting polled who will show up and be willing to stand in line for hours on tuesday so that
8:20 am
america can feel their vote. i think that there is something very significant on its way tuesday with a will the of people who aren't that loud. they don't make a lot of noise. but they will show up and they are going to vote to change america. >> gretchen: that's interesting. you are in ohio, you just went buy buy -- there he is. his photo. is he going to do his show out of ohio tonight. 8:00 p.m. eastern. you can catch it right here. >> steve: we had the satellite until 20 minutes after the hour. 20 minutes and one second. >> brian: governor huckabee has to put his credit card in and evidently he maxed out. >> steve: would you want five more minutes. >> brian: evidently he maxed out his amex. >> gretchen: what if your home and car were flooded, what do you do next? what if you didn't have any flood insurance in important information every homeowner needs to know coming up next. >> brian: made historic sweep in the 2010 mid terms. can the republicans do it
8:21 am
again? ask the strategist pete sessions coming up. i never government a chance to say good by to the governor. >> steve: 5 more seconds on the count. >> brian: what do we do with it?
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> brian: tanker goes up in flames. the 18-wheeler flipped over. a driver was trying to make a wide turn. didn't do it. amazingly he only suffered burn marks on his arms and will be okay. a man eating a slice of humble pie after heated arguments with his wife. publicly apologizing by holding up a knee on sign saying the man hopes his wife will see how much he loves her and give him a second chance. what does the sign say? i left you in anger.
8:25 am
>> steve: took her for granted. meanwhile, breaking news on sandy's recovery efforts. we have just learned that the president of the united states is at fema headquarters in washington, d.c. meeting with cabinet officials to discuss disaster relief. which, to many, is slow. this comes as thousands are expected to file insurance claims to recover some of what they lost after their homes and cars were damaged or destroyed. but what do you need to know to make the most of this awful situation? joining us right now from washington, d.c. is bob russbolt, ceo of the insurance agents of america. bob good to be with you. >> >> steve: i would imagine your agents in the northeast the phones have been ringing off the hook the last five days. >> hundreds of thousands of dlams coming into trusted choice independent insurance agents all over the northeast. i want to say to brian we are with you in spirit it is mind boggling what the people of long island, staten island and people of jersey shore are
8:26 am
going through. >> steve: absolutely. brian lost the first floor of his house. we will show pictures here in a couple of minutes. if you have got insurance file a claim contact your agent if you can find the guys or the gal's phone number. that is important. here is some things. if people have damage, for instance, they got a tree with a -- poke ago hole in their roof. get the tree off the roof if you can. and then put a tarp on it, right? try to recket protect yourself? >> absolutely. the first thing you should do is take pictures or video if you can find your cell phone to document it because it makes the claims process go quicker. but, yes. repair anything that you can do that will cause more damage later on. if you have a hole in your roof, put a tarp on it so if it rains again you don't have more damage make sure you keep your receipts. you will be reimbursed for those expenses and you want the claims process to go as quickly as possible. >> steve: bob, note to the director, brian kilmeade mass
8:27 am
a question for bob. go ahead and ask him. >> brian: what is the deal, bob? can you throw out appliances that are clearly damaged or compromised? can you throw out couches that are a mess and chairs? furniture? >> yes. but before you do anything, make sure you get your claims adjustor on the site. that claims adjustor will tell you what you can do and can't do. >> brian: so you don't see your claims adjustor don't do it? >> you should not do it. however, use common sense, for instance, if your sofa is soaking wet, move it outside or a place where it can dry out. that's fine. make sure you don't throw it away. keep pictures of it as well. >> brian: unfortunately there is looting going on with that. a lot of times if you are not leaving the house gone the next day will they be understand wble that. >> insurance claim adjustors are pros at this kind of stuff if they can get to the property. that's one of the things that peep have to understand is testimony that times the police or bridges or roads are washed out the adjustors can't
8:28 am
get on site. generally they are very understanding of the situation. they have seen this before and they will work with you. >> steve: bob, one final point. brian was lucky enough he did have flood insurance but a lot of people think i have got homeowner's insurance. surely this is going to cover me for that stuff that we are looking at right now. not necessarily, right? >> that's right. brian is a smart guy. and. >> steve: it was his wife. >> brian: obviously. >> one of the problems is that a lot of homeowners do not take flood insurance. the average flood insurance policy nationwide is just around $600. but, the general homeowner's policy does not include flood damage. so, anybody that had flood damage in your house from sandy, if you don't have it, you are not covered for it so you have got to look at the small business administration, fema, government agencies for low interest loans. >> steve: just one quit exit question, bob. that is if your car is damaged
8:29 am
by the rising floodwaters, are you automatically covered? >> if you have comprehensive coverage. remember, there is collision, comprehension and liability. if you have comprehensive coverage, you are covered. 76% of all americans have comprehensive coverage. so most americans will be covered for that damage. >> steve: bob, we have got lots of questions. thanks for joining us today. >> good to to be with you, steve. >> steve: the word illegal is illegal. mayor trying to ban the word when describing illegal immigrants. the president urges revenge against mitt romney. what happened to civility? we'll be right back. seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward.
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>> gretchen: welcome back everyone. the presidential election just three days away now. can you imagine that both candidates are going from town to town to town to town in those swing states. what are they saying? remember when president obama talked a lot about civility and how we should all be nice to each other and not really say any words that might be negative. >> steve: how is that working out? >> gretchen: yesterday he used a word that was new to his stump speech. he got boos from the audience when he talked about mitt romney but then he said this. >> at the time the republic congress any senate candidate by the name of mitt rom? i. [boos] >> no, no, no. don't boo, vote. vote. voting is the best revenge.
8:34 am
>> steve: that's a new ad-lib line. mitt romney responded yesterday in ohio. listen to this. >> about you see what president obama said today? he asked his supporters to vote for revenge. for revenge. instead, i ask the american people to vote for love of country. it is absolutely essential that the together we lead america to a better place than that we are four days away from a fresh start. four days away from the first day of a new beginning. my conviction that better days are ahead is not based on promises and hollow rhetoric but on solid plans and proven results. and it's based on unshakeable faith in the american spirit. >> brian: also talking very optimistically. governor romney is doing something else. sincerely talking about there are good democrats too working across party lines. talking about bipartisan way. and i think that's a little bit got into president obama's speech. i will work with anybody.
8:35 am
i don't care what party you are from. >> gretchen: that's interesting. >> brian: late to the party on that and four years don't reflect. >> steve: when the president is reelected then i will start working. >> gretchen: mist romney has that as his track record though when he was governor 83% i believe were on the other side of the fence. he managed to work that together. let's talk a litigation bit more about the election. when it comes this that close swing state of virginia just three days away from casting the ballots there. not only is the presidential race a virtual tie, the senate race will come down to the wire as well. peter doocy in fairfax, virginia with the latest on the battle ground state. good morning, peter. >> >> good morning, gretchen. and just a few minutes ago, the final day of in person absentee voting started. and there has been a pretty steady stream of people coming in which is impressive because it's pretty early it is very cold this morning. but the voters are out and the candidates are going to be here as well before too long. president obama will be in bristow later on this afternoon with former president clinton and mitt romney we expect to see in
8:36 am
virginia at least twice before voters go to the polls on tuesday for the official election day. and a big part of mitt romney's argument has been a big part of his final pitch to voters here in virginia has been to the military. the two biggest cities here in virginia are virginia beach and norfolk and mitt romney has been basically saying that if he is elected president, he will put an end to the sequester. he won't let those automatic defense cuts go through at the beginning of next year. and he has been getting that message has been received very well out on the trail. now, there is also a big-time senate race here in virginia between two big names. former republic governor george allen and former democratic goverr tim cane. the two have raised a combined $30 million. and then outside groups have pumped in another $40 million. allen has been getting some help on the trail by mitt romney and a few days ago vice president biden was here telling virginia voters to pick tim cane.
8:37 am
now, where i am here in fairfax county, this is virginia's most populist locality. since the year 2000 it's been the fourth fastest growing county in the united states. then senator obama won fairfax county by 109,000 votes in 2008. it helped him carry the state. which means that the people you see walking behind me and the people in that building could be casting the deciding votes in the 2012 presidential election if it comes down to virginia, which it might. back to you. >> gretchen: all right. peter doocy live for us in virginia. thanks. >> steve: peter not only our poll watcher but our weather watcher too. rick reichmuth peter was talking about how cold it is down there. but we worry about how cold it is around here because some people don't have electricity. >> you said it you know before this storm when we said so many people would be without power that you will will likely be without power for the long term. this is what that means. this is what that feels like when we say that that you might be without power for 5,
8:38 am
6, 10, 14 days in some cases. and it's cold. take a look at what's going on right now. the next five days across parts of the jersey shore are going to be cold. and, in fact, you know, it's been cold the past couple days. temps will drop more. you will see overnight lows dropping tonight and tomorrow night into the 20's. talking freezing ranges very cold there go up towards staten island another place obviously where briggs is this morning. temps getting to around freezing tonight. so very uncomfortable and you see that wednesday, that's a possible storm that we're watching that is not good news either. go farther out into long island, obviously that -- the other area without power for so many people and again temps dropping to around freezing. move forward and let's talk about that wednesday storm. because we are watching a potential nor'easter. now, this isn't a sandy kind of storm at all. but it a nor'easter. nor'easter that we get up here that is annoying and a nuisance and rainy and windy. you get that on top of what we have people who are homeless
8:39 am
and without power and that's going to cause a problem. meaive even a little bit of storm surge on that. i want to show you tuesday's first alert forecast. eastern part of the country only problem for voting is showers down across parts of georgia and north florida. maybe light shower in wisconsin and out across the west. everything is looking absolutely perfect. maybe a little bit of showers across parts of northern washington. all right. guys. send it back to you inside. >> gretchen: thank you. >> brian: thank you very much. now let's go to your evidence lines. as people try to overcome the devastation left by sandy, areas in new york are overrun by looters. dozen have been arrested for breaking into grocery stores, retail stores and gas stations. in queens some victims say robbers close posed as the electrical workers to get inside some people's homes which has happened in my neighborhood. nypd putting more officers in targeted neighborhoods and some of them have created checkpoints. >> steve: no kidding? meanwhile, a massachusetts town banning the word illegal when describing immigrants. the mayor of summerville outlawed the word after a
8:40 am
group of teenagers argued that saying illegal that was hurtful. instead the group wants people to use the term undocumented. the mayor says he wants summerville, the city of it to be a city of hope for undocumented immigrants around the world. >> gretchen: a hunter in oregon is lucky to be alive after a terrifying encounter with a black bear. he and a friend were hiking on this trail in oregon after encountering a 400-pound bear. after shooting it they shout it was dead but getting closer. the bear jumped up and bit one of them and the two um it bled down a auto foot embankment. >> i landed on my back and it landed on top of me actually. able to get ahold of it and put my arms around its neck and keep it in a chokehold while by buddy grabbed a rifle to shoot it a second time. >> the friend was not injured. recovering from his injuries in the hospital. and those are your headlines.
8:41 am
>> brian: quick thing if your power is getting back on you don't have any idea what diswg on so you have to find your main breaker or find someone who knows where your main breaker is and shut it off because your house is going to go on fire if any salt water in any of the youth -- youth lets. if you are outlets. your house is going to go up unless you shut off the main breaker. >> steve: that is if you have had the water come up on the first floor. >> brian: or even if you think it may have. >> gretchen: more of brian's pictures coming up. strategy that led to a g.o.p. takeover of the house back in 2010. what does congressman pete sessions have in store for the elections on tuesday? he is here with his power plan next. [ thinking ] woer what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relf ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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8:45 am
can the party pull a repeat or hold on hot house. pete sessions is the fifth ranking house republic on the nrcc chairman and is the strategist behind the successful run two years ago. well, congressman. you know nancy pelosi wants her job back. will she get it? >> you know, nancy does want it. and she is not going to get it it she is going to be disappointed once again because the voters of this country are going to deny her that chance we are going to hold the house and pick up seats you want to go to new york, long island, were. >> randy, as you may know, lost by just a handful of votes, a little more than 100 votes last time his opponent this time once again had a chance to understand after he had read the healthcare bill he would still be for it it randy understands it's the demise of american business if
8:46 am
we do not overturn healthcare randy wins. >> brian: at love the voting places are destroyed. let's move to somewhere else that you are very interested in. you brought us to the sixth congressional district of massachusetts t.c. is the republic. >> richard do you say due say is the senate majority leader today. he came to washington two years ago. i helped recruit him. we talked about him winning this seat. this seat has turned into a nightmare for the democrats because of ethical problems. for their city and income. but richard has sold himself well. richard is going to be a winner on tuesday. >> brian: on tuesday, me a love. up and rising star. she wants to work for the congress and not be a mayor. >> this will be a highlighted
8:47 am
race. she wants to make sure we get back to what congress, help job creation and families make it during these tough times and turn around this economy with jobs. >> brian: congressman, you know, there is going to be a big thing on "60 minutes" this weekend talking about how republicans and democrats have not gotten along at the senate or con imrecial level. a lot of people at home not involved in politics say to themselves why can't these guys get along. do you project more of a bipartisan, let's get something done attitude regardless of who wins or only if governor romney wins? >> you know, i think it's obvious to house members that once we went to it a better process than nancy pelosi had, john boehner, for one thing, made sure that we read the bills before we passed them. he made sure every single
8:48 am
member had a chance to come to the rules committee that i serve on for a chance to have their amendment be heard. we go to a regular schedule now that i think a lot of people are happy with. we are on this breaking point simply because we are talking about taking away president obama's healthcare bill. we need to do this it cost the country $700 billion in our senior care. republicans are on the right track to talk about we must safe this country. 2 million jobs are right in the crosshairs. republicans are going to save those 2 million jobs. move us forward. and that's what we want to do. >> brian: all right. we will see if that means getting something done. congressman instead of talking past each other. congressman pete sessions thanks so much. all right. i will take that as a thank you. no gas, no food, no power, the president promised federal help to those devastated by hurricane sandy so when will had it arrive.
8:49 am
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>> gretchen: welcome back, everyone. in the wake of hurricane sandy, president obama urged the federal government to take immediate action. >> mease my message to the federal government, no bureaucracy no red tape, get resources where they are needed as fast as possible. and for the duration. >> gretchen: with the death toll rising many without power
8:53 am
and panic at the pump has the president delivered on that promise let's ask peter johnson jr. who has some thoughts this morning. >> good morning, gretchen. i will ask a man who has had a lot of sadness in staten island this morning named michael gaddy, who was interviewed this morning by dave briggs. let him answer the question. michael gaddy lost his home in staten island. >> look at all the older people around around seeing the need. instead of spreading themselves all over the world. there was a bold promise by the president cabinet officials to do a lot for the folks in new jersey and new york. the problem is most of the gas pumps are out according to the a.a.a. not a matter of supply it's a matter of electricity. now the hesitate company brought generators in to a lot of their facilities now they have powered like 160 of their facilities in the state of new
8:54 am
jersey. at the same time, the federal government says oh, we're going to bring in 22 million gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel. for motorists in new jersey the problem is there is no capability to pump those because the stations are down. it seems to me that there is a priority problem bring the generators, fema, to the gas stations, so we can pump the gas so people can get to work, so they can take people to the hospital. so they can do all the things that they need to do in the state of new jersey and on long island. so i have spoken to people in breezy point. i have spoken to people in the rock aways and queens where congressman gregory meeks, who is a big democrat and big supporter of president obama says no power, no food, no gas, no nothing, people are having problems. and, in staten island, which unfortunately to a great degree has been ignored a lot
8:55 am
of pain and problems. for all the -- now visits by cabinet officials days later to the new york and new jersey area we are not getting the gas people need and people cannot function. >> >> gretchen: do you hold fema responsible for not being here and coming up with the same ideas that hess came up with to bring in the generators. >> it's in the gas lines, looting, dispirited feeling of many people in new jersey and new york who say i'm stung at my home. i can't get to my job. i have a little gas left i want to make sure i stay here in case i need to go somewhere in an emergency. people are paralyzed economically in a huge huge swath of new york and new jersey. and so today we'll see cabinet officials coming to new york coming to new jersey. catherine sebelius we saw.
8:56 am
janet napoleon yesterday holding press conferences. but what's needed is not press conferences, unfortunately. it's generators. there was no water in katrina. there is no gasoline now in the northeast as a result of sandy. and in spite of the government's promises to deliver gasoline there is no power to pump it someone needs to put on thinking cap today and say get the army corps of engineers. get the navy folks in. get licensed electricians, bring generators, thousand or $2,000 generators to gas stations that have the gasoline in the ground in order to pump it it up. so we don't have altercations and perhaps violence and a sense of hopelessness when we should have some hope going forward into the next week as things are getting much much colder. so i don't give high grades because i have seen what fema has done, and it's not much
8:57 am
for a lot of folks here in new york. >> gretchen: thanks, peter. >> gretchen: only three days out the candidates are making final push. mitt romney arriving in new hampshire where is he set to make a speech there moments away. we will take you there live.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> good morning, everyone, it's saturday, it's november 3rd, 2012, i'm gretchen carlson, thanks for sharing your time today. it's the final push for votes as we're just three days from the election. these are live pictures out at new hampshire, mitt romney is expected to speak to voters at any moment and carl cameron joins us, wife ann appears to be introducing him. carl? >> reporter: former ly peace air force base and there you see it, ann romney about to complete her introduction of the republican yom knee, three days and an andful of hours before first polls close on the east coast on tuesday night a little of mitt romney, let's listen. >> new hampshire got me the
9:01 am
republican nomination and new hampshire is going to get me the white house, thanks, you guys. thank you to all the people who have come, that's you of course, but some have come long distances, now, senator kelly has come that far and i appreciate her being here and your former governor, john sununu,'s gone everywhere for me, thank you to them. and governor bobby jindal from louisiana and senator john thune from south dakota. congressman marshal blackburn from tennessee and all over new hampshire, so, follow them around and you know, hassle them. harangue them. look, i -- i really appreciate your being here and i know most of you probably decided who you're going to vote for already. but i, i know there's some people who are still wondering and they're putting aside the demand of daily life and thinking about who they're going to vote for. so you're going to get a
9:02 am
chance to talk to them. i need you to spend some time in the next three days to see neighbors and maybe ones with an obama sign in front of their home and go by and say, look, let's talk this through a bit, because you see, see, president obama came into offices with so many promises and fallen so far short and remind things they've forgotten. the post-partisan president, but he's been the the most partisan, dividing and demonizing. he said he was going to cut the deficit in half he's doubled it. he said he would focus on jobs, instead focused on obamacare that kills jobs, he said he'd bring health insurance down $2500 a year, the cost of it for the average family. anybody here had their insurance go down 2500? as a matter of fact the average is up $3,000 per family. look, the president said that he would work across the aisle. he would meet regularly with leaders in the republican
9:03 am
party. do you know how long it's been since he's met with the republican leader he of the house or the senate on jobs, or the teconomy or the deficit? since july, he hasn't met with them. he just has not been able to deliver on the promises he's made. talk is cheap, a record is real and takes hard work and he's not been able to accomplish it and i have a record of accomplishment and that's why i'm running. (cheers) >> as you know, i started a business, i actually helped turn around another business and help turn around the olympics and you may have heard that i was governor next door in massachusetts. and there are a couple of democrats in massachusetts in my legislature, we have 85% democrats. we had a multi-billion dollar budget gap. but we didn't fight each other. we came together and looked for ways to solve the problems. we actually cut spending, we
9:04 am
didn't just slow down the rate of growth. we cut spending and cut taxes and made our state more attractive for job creators and at the end of four years, instead of a huge deficit we had a big surplus, instead of losing jobs every month we were gaining jobs every month. instead of higher taxes, higher take home pay, that kind of partisan has to be brought to washington and i will. now, the president has more promises. but we know where his promises will lead. the same place as last time. and not the jobs, and not to reducing the deficits. not for insurance. and actually not have made a promise to make, but i've got five things i'm going to do to make sure we get the economy going and good jobs again, rising take home pay and home
9:05 am
values, and one, we're going to take advantage of our oil or number two, we're going to get trade that works for us that means opening up new markets for our goods so we can sell in latin america in particular and crack down on cheaters like china when they cheat on jobs unfairly and the skills they need and training that actually gets them the jobs that they want and finally fix our schools, it's not acceptable that our schools are not the best in the world. i want to make sure we finally put our kids and their parents and the teachers first and the teachers union is going to have to go behind. number four, we're going to do something that actually has been spoke been for years, but just not done. and that is, we're going to cut federal spending and we're going to cap it and finally get on track to a balanced
9:06 am
budget. and number five, we're going to champion small business, we want to help small business grow and thrive. look, the president wants to raise taxes on small business, i do not. i want to bring them down. the president has been adding more and more regulation, big companies can handle regulation and they have the lawyers and they can deal with it. small business gets crushed by it. i want to help small business. those five things for me to get them done is going to require me to reach across the aisle and to work with good democrats and good republicans who love the country. they're there, i'll do it. i'll accomplish these things to make sure america gets back on track. now, you can choose your future, you can tell your neighbors that it's up to them who they-- what they want for their future, this is not a mystery, you see, we both have records, the president and i and by virtue of looking at our records you can get a sense of
9:07 am
where we're going, you know if the president were to be reelected, he will not be able to work with congress. you're going to see four more years of gridlock. you know the debt ceiling is going to come up again and there will be threats of shutting down the government, or perhaps defaults of one kind or another. and that means that an economy that gets chilled and jobs that are harder to find. the president just can't work with congress, he's proven that time and time again. i actually understand what it's like to work across the aisle. i will work on a regular basis with leaders in the house and senate, both democrat and republican and find those people of good heart and good faith willing to put the interests of the people ahead of politics. we can do it, i've done it before. we're going to work in washington to help the people. (cheers) >> if the president were to be reelected, you're going to continue to see the war on coal and oil and gas. and gasoline prices, and energy prices will get higher
9:08 am
and higher. if i'm president we're going to take a new course, going to take advantage of the resources we have and finally have north american energy independence. (cheer (cheers) >> if the president were to be reelected, why, you're going to continue see a government that promotes itself, promotes government and the most business and job creators and business and entrepreneurs. i like job creators, i like entrepreneurs. when i'm president, when i'm president-- (cheers) self- >> these entrepreneurs-- (cheer (cheers) >> when i'm president, when i'm president it's going to be very clear that we finally have an administration and a president and a government in
9:09 am
the united states that actually likes job creators, that wants to help job creators. and this is very personal, and i know there are many stories that can be told right here with you, but i was in richmond, virginia two days ago and i met a woman there named rota elliott. she's been managing the family restaurants for a number of years. bill's barbecue has been in her family for 82 years. and she closed it down. she said that all the regulations, all the taxation, the cost of obamacare and the cost of the obama economy made it such that after 82 years, they just couldn't keep on going. and this is not a matter of money for her, this was a matter of a future for her family and a future for the families of those who worked in her enterprise. i want to help -- i want to help rota, i want to help small business people across
9:10 am
the country and i will, we'll get it done. (cheer (cheers) >> you know, i have watched over the last few months as our campaign has gone from a start to a movement, it's not just the size of the crowds, it's the conviction and compassion in the hearts of the people. it's made me strive to be more worthy of the support that i've received across the country and the to campaign as i would govern, to speak for the aspirations of all americans, not just some americans. and i learned as governor of massachusetts, that the best achievements and accomplishments are shared achievements and i learned that respect and goodwill goes a long way and it's likely to be reciprocated. that's how i conduct myself as president, i won't represent just one party, i'll represent one nation. (cheer
9:11 am
(cheers) >> yesterday the president said something you may have heard by now, that i think surprised a lot of people. speaking to an audience, he said voting is the best revenge. he told supporters, voting for revenge, vote for-- what i'll tell you, vote for love of country. it is time we lead american to a better place. now, if there's anybody there who's worried about the last four years and wonder if they're the best we can do, who fears the american dream is fading away if better jobs and take home pay are out there, i've got a clear and unequivocal message for you and that is that america is about to some roaring back. (cheer
9:12 am
(cheers) >> and you saw the differences, you saw the differences between barack obama and me in those debates. i like those debates, i've got to be honest. i mean, he says it has to be this way. i say it can't stay this way. he's offering excuses. i'm offering a plan. i can't wait to get started. he wants to convince you to settle, but americans don't settle, we dream, we aspire, we reach for greater things and we will achieve greater things with new leadership. (cheer (cheers) >> on november 6th, we're coming together for a better future. and on november 7th we're going to get started. and by the way, what i need you to do is go across your street to your neighbor that has that other sign in the front yard, and in washington i'm going to go across the
9:13 am
aisle to the guys who have been working for the other candidate, we're going to come together. this is a critical time for the nation. we face a such huge challenges, so many people out of work, take home pay declining, home values young around the bottom. china, potential threats from a nuclear iran on the path to become nuclear, that is, we face extraordinary challenges and it's time for us to come together as a people. we've journeyed far and wide in this great campaign, we've had some long days and some very short nights, but we are almost there and the door, the door to opportunity, it is open and we're going to walk through it. come walk with me, walk together to a better place. we have got to take back this country, we have got to restore the greatness that is america, we come from a nation of great people.
9:14 am
i -- i love the american people, i believe in america. i believe in you. i see a gentleman here, u.s. naval retired, i see armed forces, u.s. army retired, i appreciate those who have sacrificed for our greatness, for our future, for our freedom. this is a nation that lives for things bigger than ourselves, we have full hearts in this nation. (cheers). i've been -- ann and i had the fun some years ago of watching a show on tv with a fictional football team and before they'd go out on the field and face typically high, you know, higher ranked team than themselves, long odds, if you will, they had a sign on the door of their locker room and it said, clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose. and as i look here, i know, we have full hearts, and the people of new hampshire, af
9:15 am
been around a while. you looked at politicians and you've got clear eyes, you know how to judge what's what. i'm counting on your clear eyes and full hearts to make sure we can't lose on tuesday. thank you, you guys are the best! thank you. great to be with you, thank you! thank you >> mitt romney, there you see him live on the tarmac in new hampshire, making the final argument along with his wife and you know, the podium said real change day one and then you heard from the crowd, three more days, three more days. days. >> so mitt romney making that campaign stop in new hampshire and going on to other states with three days left. let's bring in carl cameron. >> reporter: well, this is a big portion of what has become now, mitt romney's closing argument speech. he debuted it essentially yesterday in wisconsin.
9:16 am
the rhetoric being, stagnation and status quo if president obama is reelected, bold change and prosperity if mitt romney is elected. and one of the new criticisms that mr. romney says, you heard is the reference to the president's rhetoric on the trail yesterday. mr. obama was talking about g.o.p. policies on the trail and the crowd began to boo. and he said, don't boo, vote, voting is the best revenge. and romney, as you heard there a moment ago picked up on it saying, the president has now reduced his campaign to small things and attacks, whereas what romney argues notwithstanding his own attacks of president obama, is that he's offering hope and change. borrowed rhetoric from the 2008 obama campaign itself perhaps, but none of less, in that completion of his rhetoric about obama and revenge, he says, what he hopes people do is vote for their love of country. all about a positive close,
9:17 am
notwithstanding again, the criticisms implicit and explicit throughout the stump speech in what is now 82 hours before the first polls close on the east coast tuesday night. we'll send it back to you in new york. >> brian: carl, i know you've got a sense of people on the ground that mccain wouldn't have a shot in ohio, wouldn't have pennsylvania, and a place like new hampshire, is there a sense among the romney camp of optimism that they have a shot at pennsylvania, a place like new hampshire and more than a shot in ohio. >> reporter: there's no question that they're optimistic, but they are clear-eyed about it, they know, based upon their own internal polling i got a little peek at yesterday, as well as the public polls, and their reports from the ground, that ohio is going to be exceedingly tough. as romney said, the window is open, come follow me, the opportunity is there, but they know it's not certain. they know it's not certain in ohio and know it's not certain here in new hampshire, and
9:18 am
talking to some officials here, running his campaign on the ballot themselves, and for both congress, government, et cetera, they recognize this this state where the independent vote is higher than the registered democrats or independents, the granite state is a bellwether and here it could go either way and they know that. every single moment accounts. there are thinking that romney could win the popular vote and edged out in the electoral. and on wednesday, thursday, perhaps looking at absentee ballots coming in after the election itself, have the campaigns very worried. they're organizing their legal representation and airlift to any particular state where there could be a controversy or a problem. we've known for over a year and a half on the trial, watching the candidates, factor in the republican primaries and now, that this race has essentially been in
9:19 am
the margin of error all along, the debates didn't get either candidate outside of 5 to 7% margin, the conventions didn't do that. and it doesn't appear as though the super storm sandy has moved the polls dramatically. while it's clear that mr. obama has an edge within the margin of error, statistically insignificant edge within the margin of error is all it is, and now comes the issue of ground game. the obama campaign has put more money into it for many more months than the romney campaign simply because romney had to win the republican nomination first. in the last month or so, millions of phone calls have gone out across the country, millions of doors have been knocked on, literally, millions of doors have been knocked on by both campaigns and there's a recent study by the pew research center the number of contacts nationwide is about even. the obama campaign has reached about 11% of likely vote,the romney pain about 10 and
9:20 am
battle ground equally close and slightly reversed and the romney camp met about 14% of the electorate and president obama's campaign 13%, they're even in the money, even in the polls, even nationally, even in the battle ground states and potentially even, even in the ground game, with just about 82 hours left. >> brian: the real clear average under 2% difference within the margin of error, where are you off to next, carl. >> reporter: we go to ohio-- excuse me, iowa now and then two events in colorado tonight, and then we'll fly back to iowa late, late, late tonight to get up tomorrow and start with events there. and then tomorrow it's virginia and florida, and we've got more events on monday that will have us going from florida back up to new hampshire and manchester a huge crowd and another kid rock concert and 30,000 in ohio. >> there's a reason they call him campaign carl.
9:21 am
and we're fed exing a case of energy up to you. >> not to have a product endorsement, but make it red bull. >> you're still drinking red bull? >> there's still plenty of bull on the campaigns. breakfast of champions when you're on the campaign trail. >> gretchen: a good job, whatever state you happen to be in during "fox & friends." >> look at that, i think that mitt romney is going to shake every hand in new hampshire if he could, unless he has. >> just like steven hayes when he comes to the new york bureau from washington, steven is next on the show with instant analysis, without the handshaking because you're still in washington. the speech and the spirit of the speech, is it very typical or like you expected mitt romney to close, to close the show? >> yeah, i think this is mitt romney's attempt to be big, to be positive, to close positive. and it's a little bwistful and
9:22 am
see him talking about the people he's met over the long campaign and some of the experiences he's had, referring to, you know, business people that he's met, just as recently in the past couple of days and then people he's met over the campaign trail, months and months ago, so, i think it's a combination of sort of looking back and reliving the memories and also, trying to be optimistic and upbeat, going into tuesday. >> sure, and one of the things you could tell, clearly, mr. romney, steven was talking to the independents or persuadable people because he was talking about, they really haven't gotten done much in washington under this president in the last couple of years and if you send me to washington, can with the keys to the big 747 as president, i will reach across the aisle, just as i did in massachusetts. >> and in the event that any of those four undecided voters in america still were watching this, at this point, he might have persuaded them. no, exactly what he's trying to do. i'm not running to be the head of a party i'm running to be
9:23 am
the head of a country and you can count on me to reach across the aisle to do the kinds of tough work that president obama hasn't done over the past four years and exactly the kind of language that would appeal potentially to those voters who haven't yet made up their mind at this late stage in the race. >> steve, to go off of what you were just talking about, and what we heard from carl, the massive travel plan over the next 82 hours, if so many people are left undecided or see few are left undecided right now, is this all about the ground game or is it about all of these trips that the candidates are taking? >> well, it's a little bit about both. i mean, mostly at this point, you know, it's the old cliche and then last week of a presidential campaign or any campaign, all that counts is turnout, all that counts is the ground game and that's really true. i think these are, these are designs to get the last little bit of local news coverage that they might get, something on the ten o'clock hour, and you know, in local news, something in the newspaper, splashed on the front page, the next day showing mitt
9:24 am
romney or barack obama, you know at a rally right in people's back yards and i think that's what these are designed to do get people to go out and make one last push to get the enthusiasm up for people who are going to be driving folks to polls and people making last minute phone calls and that's what this is all about at this point. >> and steven, i've got to ask you, too, about the two events that happened, and benghazi investigation and the storm where the president gets a chance to roll up his sleeves and cut the red tape i'm in charge again. how do both of those play out with three days ago? >> well, look, i think the storm actually helped the president, i think this was a guy who, since the debate on october 3rd, had been losing ground in two areas where i think he really needed to hold his ground. one was likability and one was the ability to look presidential and what i think sandy did was give him an opportunity to recover a little bit in both of those areas, he could present himself as more likeable, putting his arm around people
9:25 am
in shelter, and trying to reassure that all was not lost and him being president the videos images of him in front of the command center, in front of the american red cross sign, is something that the president-hadn't been able to do, he was peevish, nasty, stuff in the debates and i think it's possible now voters going into the polls with them on tuesday the memory of the president and the storm, helping on the storm, rather than thinking about him and the way that he conducted himself during those debates. >> gretchen: except that's all about optics, and that's what everything has come down to in elections, if you dig deeper you might see stories like in brian's neighborhood and people still suffering and no good and no food and flooding and people dying. so, does it have possibility over the next two days of being a negative for the president? >> it sure could. i mean, the question is, how prevalent are those stories and how quickly do people shift, blaming the storm to blaming the lack of response and in part blaming the
9:26 am
president. if that happens quickly the storm could have almost a boomerang effect. >> you've got to wonder why on this saturday morning the president of the united states, steven, i'm sure you heard down in the bureau, the president of the united states went over to fema, you know, here in new york city, it was an embarrassment to the mayor of new york, he said let's run the marathon, let's run it, 11th hour i'm going to pull the plug because it's the wrong thing to do. >> right, right exactly. i think the president is trying, in a sense to have a both ways, trying to be on the campaign trail and make the final campaign arguments, but he also wants to be seen as president, and wants to do the kinds of things that a president would do in the aftermath of a terrible storm. >> what about the libya situation? i see you've written for next week's column on it and break it down to part one, part two, part three and basically, the thesis being the president needs to provide answers? >> right, yeah, i mean, this, when our readers get our
9:27 am
magazine, as we ship it out this week, it will probably be the case that most of them will get it after the presidential election's been decided and our paioint simply bass, whether barack obama is reelected or mitt romney is the new president. benghazi is important because of what happened m benghazi not necessarily because what its impact could be on the presidential election and you have the three-part scandal. you have the fact that security wasn't provided when it was asked beforehand. you have the fact that the assistance wasn't given during the actual attack and then after the fact, you have the fact that the president's stories, the administration's stories changed dramatically over the course of really two months, and they were contradictory the whole time. >> i think eventually we are going to find out what happened and it will be interesting at the end of the whole process to see how high up the food chain it went. >> it will. >> brian: and steven, i speak for gretchen and steve when i
9:28 am
say we enjoyed our time together. >> i enjoyed being with you. >> steven hayes, weekly standard. >> thank you. >> we just showed you mitt romney's rally in new hampshire, and ed henry is stopping by with what the president is going to do today. "fox & friends" for saturday. back in two minutes. seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together.
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>> i've learned as governor of massachusetts that the accomplishments are shared achievements and reflect a goodwill goes a long way and is likely to be reciprocated. that's how i'll conduct myself as president, i won't just represent one party, i'll represent just one nation. yesterday the president said something you may have heard by now, that might have surprise add lot of people. speak to go an audience, voting is the best revenge. he told the supporters, vote for revenge, vote for revenge? let me tell you what i'd like to tell you, vote for love of country. (cheer (cheers) >> and that was mitt romney just moments ago making a final speech to voters in new hampshire. what is president obama doing with three days ago, for that
9:33 am
we go to ed henry. it looks like president obama is bringing out the stars for the final push and maybe to boost the crowd size? what can you tell us? >> reporter: that's right, in ohio this morning, this is in the cleveland area and if you go back to 2008, on the final weekend the president had a rally in cleveland that had 80,000 people back when he was the new senator and had a lot of energy and enthusiasm behind him. we are in a gymnasium here, a lot less than people than 80,000. last time it was outside of cleveland browns game. what the campaign is saying, this weekend and other events will bring out a lot of celebrities and believe they will have really big crowds. they are he going to be katy perry, dave mathews, stevie wonder, bruce springsteen and jay-z on pit bull. performers throughout the country and events at battle ground states trying to boost the crowds. in 2008 the president did an event in the final weekend, in
9:34 am
a state he was not winning, but he was trying to expand the map and trying to win republicans over to his column and this side, more on defense, states he won last time that he wants to keep in his column, wisconsin tlie visit this final weekend. in ohio six visits and the reason they say they're doing that and playing that defense, they think if the president can win wisconsin and ohio, et cetera, it's going to be sort of a midwestern firewall that will be hard for mitt romney to get to 270 electoral votes to win. >> ed henry it sounded like the band had come to conclusion and probably thought you'd be able to do the rest of your sound biting in peace, but no, they're back with another number. >> the peace of a lawn mower. >> a little bit of revenge. >> good one. >> gretchen: is it true the president is changing his message? because we heard the revenge word yesterday.
9:35 am
>> reporter: yeah, we'll play that in full context to understand what he's saying. he's changing his message a little bit and said he'd be more hopeful in the final days and also hitting mitt romney and republicans on capitol hill saying yesterday at a series of rallies, look, i'm not going to surrender to republican policy in terms of cutting taxes and cutting spending and then he had this to say about mitt romney. take a listen. >> the time the republican congress, any senate candidate by the name of mitt romney-- no, no, no, don't boo, vote. vote. voting is the best revenge. . >> reporter: so you hear is right there. was talking back in the days mitt romney was running for senate in massachusetts and president obama says he wants to go back to the clinton days, and after that talked to
9:36 am
david axelrod, how is the president feeling. he says never felt him more enthusiastic and feels the stump speech coming from his loins, and the never heard an advisor to use the term loins. >> where are the loins. >> gretchen: don't ask. >> steve: and carl cameron has red bull for the campaign season, what's fueled you? be honest. >> reporter: red bull, boy, coffee. it's been naps on the bus and on the planes. and you know, i was never able before this campaign to sleep wherever i wanted, i had to be in my own bed. now i can sleep on a bus, a train, anywhere. >> grass, sounds like you do a morning show, the same thing, congratulations. >> reporter: we want to see photo proof, ed. >> gretchen: we'll talk to you soon, probably tomorrow. now the rest of your headlines today. all, but two casinos in atlantic city back in business
9:37 am
now after being shut down for five days because of the hurricane. governor chris christie ordering all roads there to reopen. last year the casinos were closed when hurricane irene hit the coast. and that three-day shut down, cost 45 million dollars in lost revenue. got the police to detain a suspicious man at a sikh temple. they found am nation, zip ties, a notebook referencing the colorado movie theater shooting. and he says he was writing a book. the cops determined he was not a threat and released him. voters could change the constitution to allow them to use a limited amount of marijuana. some say it will send the wrong message to kids about drugs. oregon and washington had
9:38 am
similar measures on their ballot. forget thanksgiving, the white house has eyes on christmas. the annual capitol christmas tree is on the way. this year's tree, 73 foot spruce from white refer national for rest in meeker, colorado and people came from all over the area to watch the tree come down and santa took part in the ceremony and will make many stops from the nearly 4,000 mile journey before ending up in the capital. so many trees down in the east coast, they could have probably used one of those to put up, many, many trees at the white house. >> we are going to have to use solar panels to light it. >> no doubt. >> steve: after the break, the impact of the new economic numbers on the election and we got them yesterday. will high unemployment impact the president? neil cavuto joins us and we hope you do, too. >> brian: he seems nice. >> steve: he does, doesn't he? customer erin swenson bought from us online today.
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>> some politicians here in the northeast have been touting the great job they're doing responding to super storm sandy, like this. >> phenomenal job, a great job you do. >> the good news the help has been coming. >> when you have a good plan. >> well executed. >> let me thank you and your entire team. >> a lot of criticism of fema back in the katrina days and now you hear nothing, but good things about fema. >> and i want to thank craig, he lives and breathes this stuff. stuff. [applause] >> the reality, there's still many people without power and long lines at gas stations, flooding, no food. what effect will this have on tuesday's election. the host of your world on fox news channel, neil cavuto. it's interesting, neil, to see all of those different sound bites butt back-to-back to back-to-back because when you're somebody like brian
9:43 am
who's actually living this hell right now, you're waiting for the help still. >> yeah, i mean, it's a little presumptuous to start patting each other on the back when a lot of your constituents want to kick new the you know what, because they're still without power and terribly inconvenienced and a lot of locations, there are still a lot of missing folks and houses underwater that have-- and that doesn't include that have been uprooted and moved. mayor bloomberg himself they'll likely find more bodies. it's interesting in the middle of all of this, they're commending themselves and what a great job they're doing. i think you wait until all of this is over before keeping part staking bows because a lot of those folks affected are scrambling here. >> yeah, and in fact, neil, for instance, i was talking to -- you know we saw on craigslist selling gas for $15 a gallon and there are lines and next thing now that station is out of gas. talking to a mayor in franklin
9:44 am
lakes, new jersey not far from where you live and he told me that while people can't get gasoline, neither can the towns. which means, they don't have the gas to run their police cars, which means they're not going to be patrolling, looking for looters and they don't have the gas for fire trucks, right now they have a two day supply. they're waiting for chris christie, waiting for fema, waiting for somebody to bring the gas. >> and i think all of these examples you guys are bringing up, i mean, state the obvious here, that there's a lot that has to be done. and so when your constituents and average folks, whether you're in new jersey or new york lately these images we're getting out of staten island and they're hearing what a great job you're doing and help it on the way and the president with chris christie, saying i have a 15 minute rule, 15 minutes we get back to you. well, that's kind of implies that within 15 minutes you're going to help me. it doesn't mean we'll get back to you. so, i think that frustration is building and i think this is sort of like the sleeper
9:45 am
issue this have election, guys. i don't want to compare it to katrina, but i will say the media's treatment of it is very, very different than katrina. >> i think it's important to note that most the places have been slammed are firmly in the president's column. >> there is that. >> got new jersey, got new york. >> it doesn't matter whether you're in the president's column or not. if you can't get gas or you're waiting for eight hours to fill up your tank or you're finding it dealing with your kids off from school, i don't know about your kids, but mine after a few days, you want to walk into that school yourself, with or without power. and i think that that's a level of that frustration that that's not popping up in the economic numbers, the sort of frustration when you see these images, guys, becomes one of these crossover events that will effect, certainly, the mood of the electorate on tuesday. >> absolutely, a lot of these people who have life, white collar life are looking at situations where they're pushing their cars because
9:46 am
they're running out of gas lines that are two miles long and scrambling to find out where they're staying the next night or this night. there's no consistency, one thing the politicians are doing, letting their faces shown. i saw senator grill brand on on-- jill brandt. >> and napolitano. >> who cares, who cares, you can show your face and i'm in charge and doing this. unless there is either money or resources or coming out or magically going to get power back online i know easier said than done, your appearing there and make ago great speech and saying you're in my corner isn't going to do squat. >> they're now labeled with this, if it's success, like rudy guiliani brought us through a tough time no matter what he does, labeled that way and now their face will be associated with how it turns out.
9:47 am
>> i tell you this, brian. you know, george w. bush got a lot of criticism katrina, doing a heck after job brownie, the idea it appeared everything was going along smoothly. we learned days after the fact that there were bodies being discovered and great discord, and bad communication, help wasn't getting readily available and power outages were much more than we were told. and this idea where they're slapping each other on the back and commending themselves for a great job it's going to come back and bite their hineys. >> i think you're right about being a sleeper issue and why the president has been at fema this morning when he's got a busy day. quickly yesterday on our program we took a look at monthly unemployment number and it actually notched up one tick to almost 8% it's at 7.9%, is it too late for this to impact the election? >> i think it was kind of stating the obvious, if the number been a lot worse than
9:48 am
people were thinking or better than people were thinking maybe it would have moved the meter a little bit. i don't know if this one does, i think essentially what we're looking at is, you know, flat employment throughout this tenure of the president, and he could talk about the five million jobs created and he cost, true since the boom he calls it that started you know, around late 2010. the bottom line is that 5 millions jobs gain he often refers to, doesn't keep pace with population gains and if you want to be technical about tthe beginning of his administration, we're down a net 2 1/2 million jobs, the question is, things are getting better no doubt about that, but are you confident or happy with this who are do you want to see more? better doesn't mean good, guys. better means we're off the mat, but it doesn't mean that we're off to the races and that's what's going to be, i think, the issue on tuesday. >> gretchen: it's an interesting psychology is this the new normal with
9:49 am
unemployment, same with gas prices are people just going to say we're satisfied? >> well, like gretchen, we should take a look the gains we're looking at now are half what they should be at this stage of recovery and the gains we've seen in jobs don't keep pace with the overall, as i said population growth. it's in the eyes of the beholder, have we gotten used to crappy numbers, and that's the new normal or step back and say, gosh, we could do better. >> neil, i hope crappy is never the new normal and i have a bumper sticker. >> you know, i built a career on-- >> maybe you're the exception. >> the guest list, jack welch, charlie rangel, is this true. >> inspirational. >> your ballot and your bucks. >> 10 a.m. on-- >> you're wor wore bordering on condescendi
9:50 am
condescending. >> we'll look forward to tfrjts where is he. >> downstairs live in ten minutes. million of people still without power and water, and some are losing hope. up next, we're live in staten island speaking with the restaurant owner who is feeling both the economic and the personal impact of sandy. [ female announcer ] beef, meet flavor boost. flavor boost, meet beef. it's swanson flavor boost. concentrated broth to add delicious flavor to your skillet dish in just one stir. mmm! [ female announcer ] cook, meet compliments. get recipes at
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>> they are powerless, literally, and losing patience fast. nearly 2.5 million people mostly in new jersey and new york in the freezing cold this morning in the wake of sandy. >> gretchen: dave briggs live for us on the ground in staten island where the death toll has risen to 22, dave. >> reporter: hard to believe, gretchen 22 people in staten island lost their lives and thousands left homeless and many hundreds have lost their businesses as well.
9:54 am
many businesses like toto's restaurant and bar find me a few hundred years from the beach, now sits in a massive hole in the earth. the owner of that bar, john toto joins us this morning and falls into both of those katz, unfortunately. he lost his home in the storm and his business as you can see is in shambles, john, thanks for being with us this morning. so sorry for your loss. what are your emotions as you return home and take a look at all the damage. >> you know, the reality finally setting in. initially, the morning after the storm of course, you know, you evacuated and went to another location at my sister's home. and you're always hoping, you know, you think, you try to prepare for the worst, but until you actually arrive and see the destruction and the damage, you could never imagine what we saw. it was totally overwhelming. you know, you can explain to people and tell people over
9:55 am
the phone and unless you actually see what is here, you could never ever ever in your wildest imagination see the destruction. this is our katrina. you know? unfortune those poor people went through this x number of years ago and ten years ago and now it's our turn and you don't know where to begin, where to start and fortunately, i've got good friends and good family. everybody's been coming down and trying to help me out and do whatever we can to move ahead and it's, it's confusing, it's mind-boggling, it's uncertainty, it's-- it's my life. the restaurant was my-- was my 30 years of adult life. my home, i lost everything. >> and can i ask you, you've been frustrated with what the insurance will and will not coverage. you said you had hurricane coverage, but will not take
9:56 am
care of the damage. >> in 30 years of business i've never had one drop of water, many, many storms, irene pelted us with 13 inches of water, never had a problem with water. okay? this wasn't a flood, a flood issue per se, a tsunami issue, how do you prepare for something like this. >> i don't know, thankfully we need to get you going because fema is at your house right now and we know you need to run, tell them. >> i just want to say one thing. as bad as my situation is and a lot of people in a similar situation, my heart goes out for the people who lost their lives and loved ones associated with them. >> we're sorry for your loss, john, we're sorry, we've got to run, thank you, john, thank you so much. we're sorry, back to you, you can see the loss on staten island. >> steve: great report, illuminating what's going on in staten island, david, thank you. >> brian: all right, we're back in two. and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking.
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